‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder Said These 4 Actors Played Badass Vampires

Ian Somerhalder played the famous vampire Damon Salvatore on the CW’s The Vampire’s Diary for eight seasons. As it turns out, he admits several other ‘badass’ actors who showed undead characters on screen.

The Vampire's Diary
John Somerhalder in the Vampire Diaries | An CW

Ian Somerhalder completed the ‘Thirst Trap’challenge as a champ

Somerhalder appeared on Elle’s Trap tart, a YouTube series about getting celebrities to tell the truth or paying for the consequences. And the price stars that pay for raising Elle ‘s questions is the portrayal of a mystery drink related to the subject by teaming. Some are easy-to-remove drinks, while others are stomach-upsetting. In any case, Trap tart very cheerful.

In the spirit of defiance, Somerhalder shot through a stack of hot subjects written on fancy notecards in Elle style. He came clean and answered most of the questions. But when he opted out, he often paid a hefty fee for telling the truth.

The ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star gave props to fellow actors who also played immortality.

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt appear in 'Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles'
Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt appear in ‘Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles’ | Francois Duhamel / Sygma tro Getty Images

Somerhalder appeared a little observant of the Trap tart punishment drink, with good reason. The previous round featured a mixture of soy salt and buffalo soda, which the actor described as “electrolyte tar. ”He explained,“ If you are in a desert and you are dying of lack of electrolytes, and you come across this at lunch, you would drink it. ”

After further investigation into the penal behavior of this tour, Somerhalder said, “It looks like my bourbon. Did you steal a bottle of my stuff? ”For the record, the actor was in partnership with Paul Wesley, another alum The Vampire’s Diary, to launch the new whiskey brand, Brothers Bond Bourbon.

Without further ado, Somerhalder threw the drink back in one heavy gulp, which seemed to be all right. The star shouted, “Hot d * mn!” That is bourbon at 10m. ”

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