The Unfortunate Way Carson Daly Found Out Jennifer Love Hewitt Broke up With Him

As for what you didn’t know, television personality Carson Daly once dated actor Jennifer Love Hewitt. The two seemed to be perfect together as they were a prime example of the late 1990s. However, after a year of going back, Hewitt broke up with Daly – and the way she went about it was very rough.

Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt
Carson Daly and Jennifer Love-Hewitt Kevin Winter / Getty images

Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt were a good ’90s couple

The year was 1998: Hewitt was at the height of his fame, having starred in the film Can’t wait hard while Daly hosted teens every evening as a guest of the hit series, Full live application (better known as TRL).

The two celebrities were very popular at this time, so when it was announced that they were dating, many could only help overcoming the relationship.

Hewitt and Daly began dating back in 1997 and were often seen together in the public eye.

Not only did they attend the premiere of the 1997 Hewitt film, I know what you did last summer, but they also walked the carpet of the 1998 Video Music Awards together as they carried the final waves of the 90s.

Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt
Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

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From an external perspective, Daly and Hewitt seemed to be both in control. However, as with many celebrity romances, the pair’s relationship collapsed and burned after a year (but not before Carson got a tattoo of Hewitt’s name on his leg).

Carson Daly found out that Jennifer Love Hewitt was thrown through a radio show

Two years after their 1998 split, Daly opened up about his breakup from Hewitt while sitting down People.

According to the television guest, he found out that the actor had been cast through a Howard Stern radio show.

“I woke up to Howard Stern telling me my friendship with him [Jennifer] it was over, ”he told the rebel, per E! News, in 2000. “Then I heard Steve Kmetko on E! say, ‘Just off the Related Media: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Carson Daly have officially broken. ‘”

As you might expect, Daly was not too happy about the way the actor was broken up, and even called out to him at the interview.

“If we were going to officially break up like this, we might have talked about it,” he said. “I don’t see why you have to tell your public. And now I am publicly ashamed. ”

Even so, Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt were still forming lasting friendships

Although Hewitt blinded Daly when she broke up with him, he officially buried the hide with her in a 2005 interview on his speech show. Last loss by Carson Daly.

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“It ended a little weird, I had to be honest,” he said. “It doesn’t matter … you know I love you.”

Since then, the pair have stayed close and are still tight today. In 2013, Daly congratulated Hewitt the pregnancy and the involvement to the man now Brian Hallisay.

Five years later, the 911 actor divided a throwback photo of i and The Voice hosted at the 1998 VMAs.

So while Hewitt and Daly ‘s friendship didn’t end in the best way, at least they didn’t let that bad blood stop them from making friends in later years.

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