The Tragic Reason Why Carrie Fisher Called Harrison Ford Her ‘Ideal Mate’

In memory of Carrie Fisher with the title Princess Diarist, she gave a detailed account of her relationship with Harrison Ford. The Star Wars constellations shared a short relationship that Fisher described as a “summer romance” without the “romance. ”(And without the summer, for that.)

But despite a lack of respect between the two, Fisher still considered Ford to be “her perfect companion.”

The reason behind this theory is somewhat broken. Keep reading to find out why.

Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher Sunset Boulevard / Corbis tro Getty Images

Carrie Fisher fell in love with Harrison Ford on George Lucas’ birthday

After celebrating the thirty-second anniversary of George Lucas, Fisher and Ford spent some time making out in the backyard of his car. Fisher was blown away by his attractiveness, and considering her lack of experience in the romantic department, (she was only nineteen at the time,) she quickly fell in love with Ford.

In fact, as the memories unfolded, she fell in love with that very night.

Now, of course, she loved it, didn’t she?”Fisher thought to herself. “She would not have come in before that industry in the background, but now …

This would have been okay had it not been for one detail: Ford was already married, with a wife and children.

Fisher went on to say that Ford was on his way to becoming “everything” for her. But unfortunately, from her point of view at least, their relationship was completely one-sided.

“It’s unparalleled love,” she said.

In Fisher’s memoir, she spoke of “men who can’t be kept” and how “she couldn’t get enough.” ”

“I have to prove this once and for all – this pattern of pregnancy with men is inaccessible,” she wrote. “Since then, it seemed like I couldn’t get enough. I started spitting on the accessibility of random silent jumpers and apparently reached for a food full of it. Now I had more than enough. I want the check. Waiter? ”

Speaking of Ford, she said, “I am filled in to be unstable, uninterested, unattractive and bored with my company. My wonderful companion. Someone suffering, not enjoying it. I am totally at his mercy. ”

Carrie Fisher said she preferred the challenge of trying to win Harrison Ford

It was heartbreaking for Fisher to love a married man, she wrote in her memoir that she enjoyed the “question” of trying to win over him. If he really woke up her love, she said, she would just be upset.

“Trying non-stop to make you love me, but I don’t want the love,” she wrote. “I prefer the question about it. The challenge. I’ve always been deceived by someone who loves me – how perfect can it be if he can’t see me? ”

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