The ‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Trailer Teases Kevin and Madison’s Future Together

We are less than two weeks away from This is us The Season 5 premiere, and NBC has just released a new promo trailer to clarify what’s in store for the Pearson family. The preview was full of stories that left fans hanging around in the final quarter of the season, including whether Madison (Caitlin Thompson) is Kevin (Justin Hartley) ‘s girlfriend. But the trailer recently disrupted Kevin and Madison ‘s relationship in the This is us perhaps not a premiere of what fans had previously expected.

The Season 5 promo trailer ‘This Is Us’ reveals whether Madison is Kevin’s girlfriend at first glance

Of course, there are more stories to find out when This is us Season 5 airs on NBC on Oct. 27. Just off the bat, the trailer reminded fans of Randall and Kevin’s fight in the last season 4. Then at the end of the teaser, the two brothers reunite at the cabin on the 40th birthday of the Big Three – and it looks slick.

There is also a sense of anxiety about Rebecca (Mandy Moore). In the promo, matriarch Pearson says she feels “like magic. However, Kate expresses concern over her face. Last season, Rebecca was diagnosed with a brain defect, and decided to undergo a clinical trial in St. Louis. Louis after a big push from Randall. Then in an interview with The Cover, Fogelman said next season that it is going to be “challenging” for Rebecca.

“It’s going to be a challenging chapter for Rebecca moving forward,” Fogelman said in March. “We have a big story planned for Mandy next season today as an older woman, and also the timelines she has had in the past.”

At the same time, we’ll find out more about Randall’s history This is us Season 5. In season 4, the character was struggling with his mental health. The story continues into the new season. When you talk to Insider Tbh, Fogelman confirmed that Beth will support Randall while he continues treatment with Dr. Leigh at Pamela Adlon. Then in the promo trailer, Beth tells her husband, “Hey, I’m not going anywhere. She said afterwards, “This pain is not for ever. Nothing forever, but us. “

The preview will also show Randall questioning if he shares a birthday with Kevin and Kate. “I won’t know for sure what happened that day,” Randall says as the promo highlights a fragment of young William (Jermel Nakia). But it looks like we’ll find out more about Randall’s birth. Still speaking to TV Insider, Fogelman shared the This is us The premiere of season 5 “gives a lot of context to the day before [the kids’ birth]. ”

Clearly, there is a lot going on when This is us come back. But whatever happens, just make the cigarettes ready. We know this will be an emotional journey.

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