The Sweet Way Aaron Carter Just Wished His Fiancé a ‘Happy Anniversary’

If you like Aaron Carter, you may have heard something about his relationship again with his girlfriend Melanie Martin. The couple is together now despite the drama of the past. But a lot has happened since they started going backwards. Both made public things in January 2020, and a lot has happened along the way.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin have had a rocky relationship

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter | Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

While the couple show all the smiles in their latest photo together on social media, it has never been so. They have broken up more than once, and Martin was even arrested at Carter ‘s Los Angeles home in March. according to TMZ, authorities were called out around 11pm when things were made corporate. Martin was brought on charges of philosophical domestic violence. The singer also shared images that showed signs where he said Martin wrote it.

Despite the drama, they got back together. according to E! News, in April, Carter announced via Instagram Live that the couple was expecting a baby together, and even showed a positive pregnancy test.

The coupe then crashed

But by May, Carter was dating a newcomer, a woman named Viktoria Alexeeva, who appeared all over his social media for a while. However, things changed before June came around. Carter and Martin were back together again. They announced in a video a live stream of it YouTube that they were together, and according to Entertainment tonight, Carter revealed that Martin was mistaken.

“She suffered a miscarriage as a result of stressful situations,” Carter said. “It will take time for him to recover and he will try again. We both want that. I have to take care of her. ”

That same month, Carter appeared on it Instagram that the two were now engaged in showing Martin’s hands with shiny diamonds.

Aaron Carter’s sweet approach was just wishing his girlfriend a ‘happy birthday’

The couple were just celebrating their anniversary together. Carter took to Instagram this week with a photo of the two wearing helmets and possibly riding an ATV together, as Carter is known to do. They are dressed in protective jackets, and Martin has an arm around Carter that perfectly shows off her diamond ring. Carter mentions in the caption that “love” is her life, and not everything it needs, which is really a sweet feeling.

Carter resigned Instagram: “Happy birthday to my husband and just LOVE my life. We’ve been through hell and back this year but we still came up and together. All I need is your baby. Trust me. I love my fans but no one means more to me than being my wife. @missmelaniemartin Respect ✊. ”

Martin responded with the comments: “Happy baby birthday you will kill him this year 😜.”

In fact Martin shared the same image with his followers Instagram As well. “Happy 1st birthday to my Løvë @aaroncarter. We’ve been through a lot but we stick together through thick and thin and it’s worth it to be with the one. ♾ You must love you 😘, ”she wrote on Instagram.

Despite the rocky road these two have tackled over the past year, they are still together and going strong. We need to see what 2021 has for this famous couple.

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