The Role ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Played That Had Her Concerned for Her Safety — ‘Someone Might Want To Shoot Me’

Melissa Gilbert is best known for her role as Laura Ingalls Wilder Toilet on the Moor. But she started working as a child and continues her craft to this day. She has a long restart, but there was only one project that she was very concerned about her safety.

Melissa Gilbert filming 'Choices of the Heart'
Melissa Gilbert filming ‘Choices of the Heart’ | Nik Wheeler / Corbis through Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert in ‘Choices of the Heart’

Heart preferences is an amazing film that came out in 1983 about a young woman named Jean Donovan (played by Gilbert) who travels to El Salvador to support the poor in the middle of a civil war. The film is based on a true story.

When Gilbert was spoken to about playing Jean, she was immediately drawn to “this young woman from upper-class Connecticut who answered a call in to do relief work with poor, hungry people in a country that was under war, ”according to the actor’s memoir, Prairie story. It was easy for her to connect. Acting in the film even made Gilbert consider joining the Peace Corps (she didn’t).

The film was shot in Mexico City – “I am convinced that if God ever gives the world an enema, He is going to put the tube in Mexico City. ”Despite the circumstances, Gilbert writes that she had a good time filming Heart preferences.

Melissa Gilbert’s safety could not be guaranteed

At one point during filming, a group of actors tried to travel to El Salvador. But they ran into one big topic.

“Because I was playing Jean, I was seen, albeit briefly, as a symbol of what she was trying to achieve,” Gilbert wrote. “It was a little over my head, but I was a game. Then it became clear that the Salvadoran government would not guarantee our safety, especially mine. “

Melissa Gilbert on being
Actress Melissa Gilbert William Franklin Mcmahon / LIFE Image Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images

Gilbert ‘s new sense of politics followed her back to Los Angeles after the film went around … sort of. She and her boyfriend Rob Lowe attended a political event hosted by Jane Fonda at her home where Melanie Griffith and Ed Begley Jr. also present.

“Ed persuaded all of us to cut our gasoline credit cards to complain something,” Gilbert wrote.

So the Toilet the actor did just that, but immediately regretted it.

“The next morning I called my business manager and asked him to get me a new one,” she wrote.

When asked why she had cut up her credit card if she didn’t want to, she said: “I don’t know why. Everyone in the room was doing it, so I felt like I should. But I need a new one, please. “

Today, Gilbert’s bio reads “candidate” and “campaigner. “She is passionate about politics, especially compared to her 18-year-old husband.

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