The Reason Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Didn’t Kill Alex Karev in Season 16 Will Break Your Heart

Many Anatomy Gray fans thought Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) would get his pancake breakfast with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddiongton) until the end of the season. But that plan was thwarted when Alex left Seattle for life with Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) in season 16.

Of course, Anatomy Gray viewers had different opinions about leaving Alex. Some members of the fandom were relieved that the beloved surgeon was still alive. At the same time, others felt that Alex’s death would have been more fitting. So why did the writers decide not to kill Alex Anatom Grayy? Here is what we know.

How did Alex Karev leave ‘Gray’s Anatomy’?

The demonstrator also said that both Luddington and Pompeo have played “so much sadness” Anatomy Gray. So it seems that the writers also wanted to protect their actors.

“It’s really sad, really hard for actors,” Vernoff said. “I find that is their job. But when you have to play constant sadness for program after program after program – I have never met an actor who has not gone into their own personal depression, because they have to run these chemicals through their system. “

As Vernoff has said before, there was no good time to say goodbye to Alex Anatomy Gray. But with the settings, it’s clear that the team is happy with how the character’s last arc came to an end.

“It felt okay for our writers, who grew up with those characters as well,” Vernoff said. “Those people are real to us too. And that felt like we could say goodbye to Alex. ”

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