The Real Reason Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Never Had Children

Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Michael Jackson married her personal life. Although she gained fame as the daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, her relationship with Jackson led to several reports and opinions. Presley revealed in 2010 why the couple decided not to have children during their marriage.

Michael Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley at the Neverland Ranch prepare for the World Children 's Gathering.
Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson Steve Starr / CORBIS

Lisa Marie Presley had two children before she married Michael Jackson

Jackson and Presley connected based on their childhood-like upbringing. In the 1970s, Jackson’s life changed dramatically with the popularity of his family group, The Jackson 5. Presley grew up outside, as her father was already very successful in music. when she was born. Although Presley met Jackson for a while at the age of 7, their romantic relationship happened much later. In 1992, the pair started dating but kept the hush-hush romance going. They went public with their relationship in August 1994, where Presley confirmed their remarriage in May 1994 and said she took Jackson’s last name.

Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley attending a children 's charity event in Los Angeles April 1995
Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson Photos by Vinnie Zuffante / Getty

Two months after their divorce, Jackson’s former nurse, Debbie Rowe, became pregnant with their first child, The Prince. The early pregnancy did not surprise Presley, who told Winfrey Rowe to often contact Jackson during their marriage.

“She was there all the time telling him he would [have his child], ”Presley recalled. ‘He told me,’ Debbie said she would do it. ‘That’s how he knew how to handle it,’ If you’re not going to do it, this person will. ‘ ”

Presley went on to say that she felt “ridiculous” by Jackson when he used Rowe against her. However, the couple held contact after their divorce before Jackson died in June 2009.

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