The Real Reason Lucille Ball Once Changed Her Name To Diane Belmont

It’s hard to imagine Ball Lucille going by any other name. But in 1927, the statue I Love Lucy a star began to identify herself as Diane Belmont. Read on to find out why.

Ball Lucille
Ball Lucille | Herbert Dorfman / Corbis through Getty Images

Lucille Ball has always wanted to play since she was a little girl

Ball was born on the outskirts of Jamestown, NY on August 6, 1911. At the age of five, she was taking music lessons.

According to her daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Ball left for New York City as soon as she was old enough. But things did not go according to plan when they arrived.

“She left Jamestown, New York, where she was born and went to New York City and tried to take acting lessons,” Arnaz told the Television Academy Foundation. “And they sent her home, they said she had no talent and her mother was spending her money. ”

After Roman scandals, Ball held one small career after another until she landed in music in 1940 Too many girls, with the man she would marry, Desi Arnaz.

According to the Times, film critics noted Ball’s “cute presence” and a knot for “clowning rubber face slapstick.”

“A beautiful Lucille ball. . . He was born for the parts that Ginger Rogers takes over, ”wrote one reviewer.

She was described as “walking slangy, breezy wisecracking with a bebop rhythm to walk” by another.

We are certainly pleased that Ball turned back to her birth name when her acting career began. I love Diane just doesn’t have the same ring as it.

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