‘The Queen’s Gambit’: Is Beth Harmon a Real Person?

A fodder-like champion chess player may not be a perfect fit for a Netflix show. Kids from the 1980s fighting alien monsters? Yes. Follow a group of female prisoners in prison? Absolutely. But a party about chess chess with drugs? Who would watch that?

Lots of people, as it happened. Since it first appeared at the end of October, Queen’s Gambit has been the climber’s latest sensation, appearing at or near the top of the “most viewed” rankings. The show’s popularity has prompted many to question whether its main character, Beth Harmon, is a real man. The answer is yes and no.

What is a ‘Queen’s Gambit’? ‘

Anya Taylor-Joy attends 'First Look at Focus Features'
Anya Taylor-Joy will play Beth in the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit. | Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

In chess, the queen gambit is an opening move in a game that is considered dangerous. The goal is to sacrifice a tent for a period of time to gain control of the center of the table. Part of what has made the TV show so good is that the viewer does not have to know what that means to appreciate the show.

It is not even necessary to understand much about chess at all, as the real aim of the show is to engage viewers in the drama of Beth Harmon, who rises up losing her mother in it. the car crash and become the pride of the game. Beth surprises everyone around her with her skill, defeating players even more seasonally, even though she has a harder time rising above the drug addiction she also forming at a young age.

Queen’s Gambit we were very well received, with the show getting 100 percent off Rotten Tomatoes. The Emergency consensus on site reads, “His movements are not always perfect, but between Anya Taylor-Joy’s magnetic performance, amazing time details, and emotional writing, Queen’s Gambit is an overall benefit. “

Who was Beth Harmon?

Turns out that Beth Harmon is a fictional creation inspired by a real man. according to Elle, the film is based on a 1983 novel of the same name.

But a chess expert proves that Beth could be based on the legendary chess player Bobby Fischer, a well-known writer who cut a figure so mysterious that he inspired the 1993 film Finding Bobby Fischer, with Max Pomeranc, Joe Mantegna, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley, and Laurence Fishburne.

The chess expert wrote: “Fischer himself had been very embarrassed about female players, saying in a 1963 interview that they were ‘horrible’ and that they seemed to be ‘not so smart’. ‘Bringing Beth back to remember a female Fischer may have been a tragic, and a wonderful, way.’

However, the author of the novel, William Tevis, wrote that Beth was largely based on his own life. He also played chess at an early age and underwent heavy drug treatment in hospital due to heart disease.

So art has narrated life, but it seems to have narrated more than one. Several different parties, including the late Heath Ledger, had tried to bring the Tevis story to life over the years, but the pieces did not fall into place until recently.

Who made the ‘Queen’s Gambit?’

One of the main creative forces on display is writer-director Scott Frank. It is not a household name, but is famous in film circles, having written or co-written the screens into prestigious films such as Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Minority Report and Logan. His management efforts include The eye and A walk among the gravestones.

The show has also raised the profile of Taylor-Joy, who has been the rising star for some time. Her other credits this year alone include Jane Austen’s acclaimed change Emma, and the long-awaited ones New mutants.

The actress cut to the heart of Beth Harmon ‘s claim when she told the Observer, “Anything that makes you intense has the power to be sexy or cool. I think chess is pretty cool, personally. What makes people willing to give so much work and dedication is that I am so sexy and cool. ”

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