‘The Partridge Family’: David Cassidy Once ‘Carried a Serious Torch For’ 1 Other Star

David Cassidy turns in as Keith Partridge The Partridge Family made it into a teenage consciousness and later, a rock star.

When he was popular, he earned millions as a traveling singer, had a fan club that some said was bigger than the Beatles’, and was involved in the share of romantic connections. .

As a well-known concert actor and musician, Cassidy was always in the public eye and sometimes had dalliances with women who were also in the show business. But there was one person who caught his heart once.

David Cassidy
David Cassidy from ‘The Partridge Family, 9/17/71 | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

David Cassidy admitted to having difficulty connecting with women

Dealing with the reputation from going on The Partridge Family it was not always easy for Cassidy. In its own history in 1994, C’mon, Get happy: fear and hate on the Partridge family bus, he wrote about maintaining an image for young fans. Cassidy said he had to hide himself, his sexuality, and his personal life.

While the book also went into graphic details about his experiences with women, he admitted that something was missing. So, he started to see psychology while working on the show.

“I wanted to help deal with the pressures that were too much for me. I was particularly frustrated by not being able to make lasting friendships with women, ”he said. Cassidy also pondered about talking about his sex life with Guy ‘s friends and co – star Susan Dey, who described him as the only woman he saw as a confidante and close friend.

He was often of the opinion that the women he approached were “one-stop shop” or actors looking for opportunity. Cassidy said he started looking for more.

David Cassidy fell hard for Meredith Baxter

Fans may remember Meredith Baxter best from her role as Elyse Keaton Family Connections. Years before that, she made a place for hospitality The Partridge Family where she first met David Cassidy.

“Of the actresses I dated, there was only one thing I fell for or thought I had,” he wrote. “I just wanted one lasting relationship. Meredith Baxter. She was a few years older than me when she appeared as a guest The Partridge Family and we started going back, ”Cassidy recalled.

She had just separated her first husband, Robert Lewis Bush, and they had two children. “I really gave her a torch. I didn’t tell anyone about it except Susan Dey, Shirley, and a couple of other friends, ”said Cassidy. He called Baxter beautiful, warm, and intelligent, and said she was kind of a hippie.

They kept the relationship a secret to keep the tabloids away, but his agenda meant times apart.

The threat of eviction ended the relationship

Cassidy was often surrounded by fans at his shows, and outside of that environment, he was still a target. Eviction threats were common, but one month into his relationship with Baxter, the FBI picked him up to thwart an eviction / ransom attempt.

Police and the FBI kept him safe in a hotel for weeks, and he had the same connection with anyone outside when he went to work. Cassidy tried to get back with Baxter after things died, but she moved on with someone else already: David Birney.

She and Birney were tapping on a show in the same studio as Cassidy, so he would see them every day. “It broke my heart,” Cassidy wrote. He eventually overcame her and she married Birney. Cassidy married three times before he died in 2017.

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