‘The Office’: John Krasinski Had to Improvise about Pomegranates for His Audition

Ged The Office it was not very popular when it first appeared in 2005, auditions for joining the team were still very competitive. Many famous actors were being interviewed for roles in a major NBC show but were not lucky enough to make the cut. However, someone who landed a place in the team The Office is John Krasinski. Krasinski played the part of Jim Halpert, Dunder Mifflin’s medium-sensitive salesperson, who would often be the voice of reason in the show.

Office member John Krasinski
Iain Krasinski | Justin Lubin / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Krasinski’s character is very popular with fans The Office. Jim’s relationship with Pam is the heartbeat of the show, while his competition / adventure with Dwight gives fans endless laughter. Although Krasinski has done his fair share of acting ever since The Office concluded, he looks back on the experience with great respect, often calling it one of the best experiences of his life.

In John Krasinski’s experiment for ‘The Office’ there was an improv about fruit

Of course, taking away Jim’s role was not easy. Krasinski had to go through many rounds of chemistry tests and readings to make sure he was the best man for the part. Since then The Office in a mock-up and hilarious style, the actor was also asked to do a good deal of improv in his lab. One memorable part of his lab was when he did a whole unprepared piece about pomegranates.

“I asked you to do a little improv about your favorite fruit,” The Office creator and presenter, Greg Daniels, recalled in a press notice le Krasinski. “So we left the script and you talked about pomegranates being my favorite product because you only get them once a year or something. And I kept saying ‘Be more sarcastic about it.’ And then you picked it up with this amazing view into the test camera, and it was so funny. It made people laugh. And John was just the best Bugs Bunny in terms of looking at those things. ”

Krasinski could have ruined his chance to be in the team

But while Daniels may have had a sharp Krasinski look, it wasn’t his first impression of him. When the two first met, Krasinski did not know who Daniels was. A fan of the UK version of The Office, Kraskinksi admitted to Daniels that he was worried that the directors in charge of the show would find a way to ruin it.

“Anyway, it should be noted that the test tape you were looking at today was correct after I told, what I thought was an anonymous man, who asked me was I nervous to hear. I said, ‘I’m not nervous for the test, because you get these things or you don’t,’ “Krasinski said The Office creator. “But I’m ashamed of the people who do it because we in America are destroying the good shows that are coming over from England, and I don’t see how you’re doing. going to do this work. And he said, ‘Hi, I’m Greg Daniels.’ and I threw it up in my mouth. ”

‘The Office’ would not be the same with Krasinski playing Jim Halpert

Fortunately, Krasinski’s faux pas didn’t cost him a place The Office thrown. By the time the actor was getting better at fruit, the bizarre incident with Daniels was almost water under the bridge.

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