‘The New Mutants’ Movie Review: Before ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ Anya Taylor-Joy Joined the X-Men

In the time it took for The New Mutants to come out, Anya Taylor-Joy became the most prominent member of the team. When they made a film, Game of ThronesWilliams’ s Maisie Williams Strange thingsCharlie Heaton may have been controversial, but now the X-Men spinoff hits home video just after Queen’s Gambit wipe Netflix.

New Mutants: Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy | Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

After years of delay, the fact is that The New Mutants it all right feels like a win. It may not be a movie that gives people a recap but it ‘s not bad to watch once. With its release in theaters in August at a time of pandemics in which many theaters were shut down, its home video release is likely to be where most fans can -out this X-Men spinoff.

Anya Taylor-Joy and the other ‘New Mutants’

Dani (Blu Hunt) loses her father in a natural disaster and wakes up in a hospital with other children with mutant powers. Rahne (Williams), Illyana (Taylor-Joy), Sam (Heaton) and Roberto (Henry Zaga) have already shown their powers, which Dr. Reyes (Alice Braga) is trying to help control. . They don’t know what Dani can do yet.

It was certainly hoped that the new mutants would have many events, and that is unlikely to happen now. Even though the first film came on schedule, Disney bought Fox and they have plans to launch their own X-Men franchise, though Deadpool is still successful enough to go beyond . Disney may recognize Taylor-Joy’s ability and give her an Illyana movie.

The New Mutants feeling bittersweet after all that comes of age, they are very likely not going to use their powers. However, their original film is better than Phoenix dark and two of the Wolverine spinoffs. Probably if there were bags of characters from his superhero X-Men movies or a second attempt at a classic comic book story, it would be against harsh criticism. As the last little film that could be released, it leaves you rooted for it.

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