The Moment That ‘Mortified’ Carol Burnett, According to Pal Julie Andrews

Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews have been friends for decades. Whether they play together or get into a bit of a misbehavior, public interest with the two actors, alone and together, is on the rise. Although Carol Burnett is a comedian – willing to go far for a laugh – one minute in the past she said she was “mortified”, according to Julie Andrews.

Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews
Actors Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews attend the 16th annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute honor at the Four Seasons Hotel | Donato Sardella / WireImage

Inside Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett ploy to make Mike Nichols laugh

It all started on Lyndon B. Johnson Start Day. Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, and Mike Nichols (The graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Closer) they were all staying at the same hotel. And, one night, Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett were waiting for Nichols to share a cup of hot chocolate in their pajamas, as People reports. Andrews explained:

“As we sat in the hotel’s dark hall on the sofa in front of a bank of three elevators waiting for him, we started to feel a bit silly, and thought ‘Let’s do something to make him laugh. to do. ‘We decided to pretend we were making out … He called our room and said it was coming down, so we thought, well, that Mike was the first person to be promoted. But he was not… ”

While Andrews and Burnett let them out to laugh out of Nichols, the elevator doors slammed shut and several men came pouring in – none like Nichols.

The elevator was ‘full of service secret people,’ and then later (probably) Lady Bird Johnson appeared

When the elevator doors opened, a swarm of Secret Service men came out, as this all happened the same day Lydon B. Johnson was founded. Andrews explained that the elevator was closing and opening, but Nichols never came out.

Andrews said Burnett was convinced there was one woman who left the elevator afterwards and came back to see if the two women were really Andrews and that Burnett was Lady Bird Johnson. This was too much for Burnett to handle. Andrews Department:

“Carol Carol laughed so hard she went around the back of the sofa we were sitting on as we both had tears running down our faces to be so silly. ”

Anndra | People

Andrews explained that Caroll was a bit more shaky than the Mary Poppins star, says:

“Carol was the one who was murdered… She went behind the sofa and hid. She did! And I think, ‘What am I doing here, by myself? ‘”

Anndra | People

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