The Hilarious Way Rihanna Unknowingly Helped Kelly Rowland With Parenting Duties

Kelly Rowland’s illustrious career is often surrounded by the mega-success of former Destiny’s Child band Beyoncé. But Rowland is an amazing artist in her own right and has made a significant contribution to the R&B catalog. Now that she’s a mother, Rowland shares her parenting tips with fans. One of them includes a product from her friend Rihanna’s FENTY Beauty line.

There is no rivalry between Rihanna and Beyoncé, according to Kelly Rowland

Rihanna and Kelly Rowland will stand together for a photo in 2018
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Rowland is friendly with both Rihanna and Beyoncé, and that has never been a problem for her. Despite tabloid gossip that Bey and RiRi hate each other, Rowland assured the New York Daily News that it is all deceptive. Rowland and Beyoncé are still best friends, and Rowland can say with absolute certainty that there is no sex.

According to some media sources, Beyoncé is making Rihanna angry for her close relationship with Queen B’s husband, Jay-Z. They also say that Rihanna was insane when Beyoncé released a record shortly after Rihanna. But Rowland says there is nothing but support between the two. According to Rowland, “They are two women who support each other. The rest of the world starts the conflict. They are very secure women. ”

Kelly Rowland used Rihanna’s makeup products to make the tooth fairy particularly special for her son

Rowland might not have used Rihanna’s makeup products if there was a dispute between Beyoncé and Rihanna. After all, Beyoncé is still her best friend. They may have moved on to solo careers, but they have been a blessing ever since. The fact that Rowland admits to using Rihanna’s results is a sure sign that there is no bad blood between Beyoncé and the youngest artist.

Rowland just doesn’t use the product for their intended purpose. Singer Destiny’s Child told Ashley Graham on her podcast Great Big Design that she used one of Rihanna FENTY’s beauty products as fairy dust, to add some credence to a note the fairy left a tooth for her son. According to Rowland, she used the FENTY bronzer to make a trail of dust leading to her son’s bed, then rubbed the dust all over the pound.

“I wake up and literally – sorry, Rihanna – I used the Fenty Golden Bronzer and dragged it out the window all over his bedroom, and you can see this little fairy dust in all place. And I use a little brush to make a path. And I got it all over my pages a bit because that night he slept with us, and I was so sad. So I wrote a letter and put the dust of peace all over it. And it was like, ‘She came! She came! ‘He showed me the way and thought it was the coldest.’

Kelly Rowland is open about how she raises her son

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Rowland is not the most open-minded. She was guarded about sharing information about her life going back before she married her husband. Now that she has a son, however, Rowland is not afraid to share her mum’s wisdom with the world. She is open with fans about how she is raising her son to love his black roots, and posting pictures of him on social media frequently.

But Rowland may have misled fans unfortunately about the product she used for peace dust. The FENTY Golden Bronzer is a tight, crushed powder. Although Rowland said she used a brush to make the way, it’s hard to imagine getting enough results to the extent that it was everywhere in her bed. that night. Rowland may have used liquid as the High Brightness Liquid Diamond Bomb, or the appropriate name Fairy Bomb Fairy Powder.

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