The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 Episode 3 Moments Camilla Luddington Says Needed ‘Trigger Warnings’

Although only recently launched, Anatomy Gray Season 17 is ready to begin. Many of the team have shared their feelings on the stories – and even stars have been gaining traction. Although she didn’t watch him when he appeared, star Camilla Luddington had a few thoughts on one show, including her recommendation for the network.

Camilla Luddington appears in Anatomy Gray

Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson Karev in Season 17 promo 'Gray's Anatomy'
Camilla Luddington as Jo in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | ABC / Mike Rosenthal

Luddington paints a picture of Jo on it Anatomy Gray. She entered Season 9 as an employee who was a relative of Alex Karev. The two fell in love and married. What should have been the characters ’happily ever after after a tragedy when Justin Chambers left the series in Season 16.

So far in season 17, Jo has tried to fling with Jackson, which didn’t work out. But work is going well for her. In “My Happy Ending,” she noticed a woman whose fetus had grown outside her uterus and helped deliver the baby. But that was not part of the program, Luddington said.

She saw the program ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ My Happy Ending ‘

“I saw the latest ep this morning,” I tweeted at Luddington on November 20, 2020. “A couple of things. I’ve read the script and I’m * still * crying watching. Also every promotion should have a motivational warning because it is ALL ONLY. Example: * warning warning – hot connection / amelia ahead. * ”

Sex scenes have been an essential part of it Anatomy Gray since its inception. With the pandemic changing the established rules, the writers came up with a creative way to keep the heat going between characters without confronting them. Amelia and Link note the betrayal of each other certainly falls into that category.

Luddington joked about the speed of the characters

While romance goes on Anatomy Gray perhaps changed this season, the doctors still spend most of their time in the hospital. And that comes with challenges and benefits from COVID-19. In the world of the show, they are also fighting the virus, meaning everyone is dressed in personal protective equipment.

The final audience sees Teddy and Tom talk about their relationship, as Tom confesses to Teddy that she is heartbroken. Owen enters the restroom and advises Teddy to put on a mask and stand back, as Tom has been positive. “Motivational warning – Teddy, Tom and Owen can appear less than 6FT apart,” Luddington wrote of the scene.

she is also a MerDer shipper

But far and away the most talked about times Anatomy Gray Season 17 so far has involved Meredith and Derek. Meredith is in hospital with coronavirus, and when she is unconscious, she sees her husband who died. “Warning – music over Merder’s sights will get you in for a glass of wine,” tweeted Luddington.

Meredith sees Derek on a beach and communicates with him, even though he tells her, “the sand is not real. ”She runs to it, stumbles and falls as music rises. One Twitter follower responded to Luddington with an image of Jo drinking from another program, and the actor replied, “As soon as the beach scenes start…”

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