‘The Golden Girls’ Star Once Gave Great Advice to Aspiring Actors

Many actors dream of being thrown into such a powerful and popular TV show. The Golden Girls. The show featured four women with completely different personalities living together in Miami as they sailed up and down the “golden years”. Thanks to streaming platforms, The Golden Girls new audiences are still discovering every day.

The Golden Girls Throw
Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White | Paul Drinkwater Photo Bank / NBCU

But what makes an actor find success on such a iconic show? In a 2006 interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Rue McClanahan, perfectly thrown as Blanche Devereaux into The Golden Girls, they gave some advice to actors who wanted work. Referring to experiences from her own career, she outlined some of the character traits that actors need to be successful in such a competitive role.

Rue McClanahan once gave good advice to the actors

McClanahan shared that when she was previously cast in a play at the Pasadena Theater The Golden Girls, received good advice from the play’s director, Barney Brown. As McClanahan played a bigger character than life, Brown told the actor that she had to become a father to what she could. He made her go out on her arm and be “very confident and brave and just go for a break.”

“You have to be really brave to be a really good actor,” McClanahan said. “Anyone can be a kind of good actor and be easy to play, play cagey, play safe. Don’t play it safe! Play it dangerous. McClanahan continued to share that part The Golden Girls wants her to be very brave and step out of her comfort zone, especially in the beginning.

McClanahan had to be brave to be cast in ‘The Golden Girls’

“I almost had to do that with Blanche until I got to know her,” The Golden Girls alum published. “I would say in predictions’ I don’t think I can say that ‘and everyone would think’ Yes, of course you can say that! That’s funny. “the main character.

But McClanahan’s advice for actors certainly doesn’t start and end with heroism. The Golden Girls alum also identified perseverance as a sign that actors need to be successful in a business full of aggression.

The ‘Golden Girls’ star on the power of perseverance

“Sustainability,” McClanahan began. “You have to hang in there, hang in there, hang in there because you’re going to turn down so much and you’re going to get as bad a disappointment as you got you – if you really want this position, you have to fight for it and fight for it. ” The Golden Girls alum was quick to clarify that actors don’t have to fight with other actors, but they were fighting the feelings of failure, incompetence or refusal to get where they want to be. We certainly believe that actors would benefit from building McClanahan’s advice. Success is clearly not to be found overnight, but if actors are willing to fight for the dream it can come true.

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