‘The Golden Girls’: Bea Arthur Had 1 Contract Demand Involving Her Feet

The late Beatrice “Bea” Arthur, who died in April 2009 at the age of 86, played the iconic role of Dorothy Zbornak in the hit sitcom The Golden Girls. In the TV show, the actress comes across as a sarcastic, easy-to-be-angry woman who acts as a direct deceiver against humorous insults and banter of her costars.

Arthur once exclaimed: “I don’t play a part. I am who I am, whatever the hell that is. “And it turned out that the tight, observant character she was on TV wasn’t too far from her own personality.

Of course, Arthur had a strong opinion in real life, and one hard, irresistible request was added to it The Golden Girls‘a deal that might surprise some fans of the show.

Bea Arthur’s career lasted many decades

In 2016, Jim Colucci published the book with the title Yellow girls forever: An unauthorized look behind the Lanai. Although the book was not approved by official representatives Golden Girls, Colucci interviewed 250 different people involved in the show, including actors and crew members.

In an interview with Fox News, Colucci says the team behind the scenes at the sitcom thought Arthur was both “complicated” and “lame.” And one of those questions was his thoughts on shoes.

According to Colucci, Arthur wanted his feet to be free and unhindered. “She never wanted to wear shoes,” he says. “It was written into her contract that she was allowed not to wear shoes while she agreed not to sue the delegates if she hurt herself.”

That wasn’t the only strong opinion Colucci says Arthur held. According to him, Arthur was not fond of birds either, and she also hated him when people chewed gum near her.

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