‘The Equalizer’: Who Was the Original Equalizer?

The Fairness returns as a television series on CBS. Who was the original star? The Fairness? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows.

Who was the original star of ‘Equalizer’?

The Fairer  CBS through Getty Images
The Fairer CBS through Getty Images

The original Balancer was played by the late Edward Woodward. From 1985 until the series ended in 1989, Woodward played the main character Robert McCall. The 1955 film was one of Woodward ‘s early acting roles Where there is a will. He played the character Ralph Stokes.

Woodward’s big break came in 1967, when he joined a team Callan. He played the main character David Callan, Britain’s secret agent, until 1972. Woodward is also famous for appearing there. Breaker Morant and Uncle Tom’s cabin. Woodward’s last performance was in British drama EastEnders.

The original team of ‘The Equalizer’

Edward Woodward and Robert Lansing  CBS through Getty Images
Edward Woodward and Robert Lansing CBS through Getty Images

Who was in the original team of The Fairness? As well as Woodward, The Fairness the team included Keith Szarabajka as Mickey Kostmayer, Robert Lansing as Control, and Mark Margolis as Jimmy.

Woodward died in November 2009. His successor, Janet Glass, said Reuters he was an “excellent” man. “That integrity went through in the roles he played,” Glass told the news. “I can never remember, in all the results he made, anyone saying a bad word about him, and he had nothing bad to say about anyone else.”

Denzel Washington in the film ‘The Equalizer’

In 2014, The Fairness was turned into a film by Denzel Washington. He played the character Robert McCall. Washington repeated his resignation for The Fairer 2 in 2018.

During an interview with Jo Blo Movie Network, Washington refers to Robert McCall as a “fertile” character. “It’s painful, but it’s quieter,” Washington said.

“He developed his own medicine in the way he organizes things,” Washington continues. “He needs this organization in his life. And read it; it expands the mind. It’s weird. He works at Home Mart, but reads Ralph Ellison at 3 a.m. in a fun dinner. It’s just inappropriate. It’s just interesting. It’s just like, ‘Who is this man?’ You will never find out. It’s different. ”

Queen Latifah in the resume of ‘The Equalizer’

In The Fairness resume, Queen Latifah will play Robyn McCall. Exhibitors Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller reported Insider Tbh they watched the original series so that they could gather as much information as possible for the new show. They also said that many of the themes of the new show will address topics directly from events happening today.

“We have seen the original series again and we are fortunate to have co-creator Richard Lindheim as part of our team,” they told the release. “Many of our events are torn from the headlines, reflecting the reality of the world in which we live, and many come from the small injustices we encounter every day. ”

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