‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: Ellen DeGeneres Embarrassed Nicole Kidman for Insinuating She Had a Crush on Her Co-Star

Actress Nicole Kidman has visited Ellen DeGeneres exhibition several times – and Ellen DeGeneres loves to have fun. After HBO’s success Big Little Lies, Kidman visited the talk show to find out what it was like to work with Alexander Skarsgård as her insulting man on screen. And DeGeneres embarrassed Kidman completely by insisting that Kidman was definitely pushing him.

Nicole Kidman wanted Alexander Skarsgård to appear in ‘Big Little Lies’

Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard from 'Big Little Lies'
Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård from ‘Big Little Lies’ | Dan MacMedan / Getty Images

Kidman could never have imagined Big Little Lies he would get the success he made. But surely he will be smearing her and all her famous constellations. She and Skarsgård made the perfect duo-wife on the show, as their troubled marriage played out until the final gut-punch came to an end.

Kidman apparently really wanted Skarsgård as her on-screen husband. “Yeah, it was so good,” she said Vulture. “I wanted it! I wanted it badly. I was like, ‘Come on, please. Come on, HBO, we get it. ‘”

Kidman went on and explained why the Swedish actress was by her side perfect for the show. “It certainly has that ability to pull you in and keep you going, and it breaks down, you know? ”She said. “He also has that full sensitivity – so this kind of leadership and then this sensitivity; it’s a weird mix. And, obviously, it’s pretty high too, which is really helpful for me. I don’t often look small. ”

Kidman insinuated Ellen DeGeneres had beaten Skarsgård

Kidman is clearly a huge fan of Skarsgård – and he certainly hasn’t slipped past DeGeneres. Kidman visited Ellen DeGeneres exhibition in 2017 to discuss the exhibition and its role. And, of course, the topic of her co-star came up.

“The tone is really interesting,” Kidman says of the show. “Because it’s funny, but it’s scary. … And it will make you, we hope, emotionally, be connected to these women. “

“And Alexander Skarsgård is your husband,” DeGeneres clarifies. “And it’s wonderful.”

“Yes,” Kidman laughed. And she then notices that DeGeneres gives her a special look. “Why do you look like that? ”

“Why you looks like that? ” DeGeneres was embarrassing Kidman’s embarrassment. “I say it’s wonderful. What’s wrong with you? “

“Everyone always asks me about it,” Kidman said.

DeGeneres confirmed she wasn’t going to ask Kidman any questions – but then she made a big picture of Skarsgård’s shirt without a back. The comedian then noted that Skarsgård no longer looks like the picture without a shirt, and Kidman agreed.

Kidman had to defend herself after kissing Skarsgård at the Emmy Awards

This is far from the only time Kidman was asked about Skarsgård. Kidman also visited Graham Norton Exhibition, and was questioned about a photo showing her Skarsgård kiss on the lips at Emmy Awards. Kidman’s husband Keith Urban is also pictured behind Kidman.

“You’re so inspiring, Graham,” Kidman said. “Why are you showing that? ”

“It’s a time of great joy, though,” defended Graham Norton.

“I kissed my husband too!” she shouted. She then confirmed that she had kissed Skarsgård, but it was not in a romantic way. “You have to understand, I did everything with Alex….”

“We’ve seen it!” Norton joked.

“I have an amazing, supportive, beautiful spouse and I love more than anything in the world,” Kidman said. “And I gave Alex a congratulatory kiss and he’s like a mannequin.” Kidman then regretted calling her co-star mannequin with an explosion of audience laughter.

No matter how many times Kidman mocks him about Skarsgård, it’s clear that they’re not really more than co-stars and friends.

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