‘The Cosby Show’ Hid Phylicia Rashad’s Pregnancy With a Mattress Hack

Looking back may be difficult Cosby Show without being polluted by Bill Cosby ‘s recent recession, but in the 1980s, television was forever changing. Not only did he elevate his titular creator to superstitious sitcoms, but he also starred the other castmates. When Phylicia Rashad, played by Clair Huxtable, became pregnant while her character was not, the show had to be creative to maintain that continuity.

Who is Phylicia Rashad?

Rashad has been acting on screen for nearly 50 years. Starting with small careers in film and television, Rashad was not a famous actress when she got the role of Clair Huxtable, and her life changed forever.

As the matriarch for the fictional Huxtable clan, Rashad would often serve as a mother image for children and the child-like antiques. In real life, Rashad was in the early days of an obvious friendship with Ahmad Rashad, an NFL Player of the Year.

As Cosby grew, so did Rashad’s career. She kept a steady workflow away from Cosby Show until she ran her course in 1992. Four years later, she returned to a relationship with Cosby in an unrelated sitcom called Cosby as Ruth Lucas.

Rasyl Phylicia
Phylicia Rashad | Deborah Feingold / Corbis through Getty Images

The show lasted four seasons. In recent years, however, Rashad has added more big screen work to the resume.

She successfully appeared as the mother of Adonis Creed Rocky Cree’s spinoff series topped several other appearances in Tyler Perry’s films. But she is successful in television. Rashad had a famous arc Empire from 2016-2018, and played a critical role in the Jean-Claude Van Damme series, Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

Despite being on the A list for many decades afterwards, Rashad’s iconic role will still be Clair Huxtable. When Rashad became pregnant, however, the show’s makers had to get a little creative with how they shot her without writing the pregnancy into the show.

How did they hide her pregnancy?

During the third season of the series, Rashad mention that she was pregnant. On many sitcoms, this means the character is heavy, too. However, the Huxtable family was already loaded, and the show’s makers didn’t want to add a character just because the matriarch actress had a child of her own. Instead of squeezing a baby lump away or bringing it into the show, they decided to hide it with strategic shooting.

This burn came in many forms. In one comic picture Huxtable was sitting on a bed with a big funny teddy covering her stomach. In another view, she might be standing behind a table with objects strategically placed on top of her, so that the audience can see her belly. However, one of the most common techniques was to place her in bed next to her husband and use a camera trick on the corner.

A pregnant Rashad would lie down on a bad pit that would allow her to sink lower and hide her baby. It was equally sexually explicit and humorous parts, but the audience couldn’t tell.

Eventually, the show introduced a younger character in the form of a grandson. But, at the time, the creators were Cosby Show let listeners live in the reality of the show without paying attention to Clair’s baby bump.

What is Phylicia Rashad up to date?

Rashad is still as diligent as she was in the 1980s. Forward top of the future Credit sequence and a so-called Disney + holiday movie Jingle Jangle: Christmas Tour, she appeared in the movie Pixar Anam as Libba.

Rashad also had a memorable leg in an Amazon horror movie Black Box. Despite the fall of his star, Cosby Show a cultural milestone that started many careers. Rashad is going to show how important it was to continue her work to this day.

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