The Celebrity Who Published Marilyn Monroe’s Nudes Is Buried Near Her

Marilyn Monroe became one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses – but not without encountering many weird bumps on the road. For example, she let someone take nude photos of her, however, she didn’t want anyone to know about them. For the sake of a celebrity, the images were widely circulated – and Monroe ‘s response to their reputation was remarkable.

Marilyn Monroe | Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Why Marilyn Monroe took a nude photo

Monroe’s entry into the pin-up world was not very beautiful. Lack of finance, Marie Claire reports she allowed a photographer named Tom Kelley to take nude photos of her for $ 50. She hoped they would never come. She wanted her to look anonymous in the images.

Why Hugh Hefner decided not to make the first issue of ‘Playboy’ in a 3-D part

Later, Hefner needed a stunt for the first issue of Boy-game. “I was looking for some kind of gimmick for the first magazine,” he said NPR. “I thought about putting a 3-D picture in the magazine, and we shot it, of course. Then I found out that putting those 3-D glasses in each magazine would be very expensive and something I couldn’t afford. ”

“The old black magic”

How Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner are linked in death

According to Marie Claire, Monroe never received a thank you note from Hefner. She had to buy a copy of the magazine to see the images herself. While Hefner was not particularly gracious to her in her life, he is closely associated with her in death. Hefner bought the plot closest to her so that he could be buried near her. The careers and deaths of Monroe and Hefner were closely linked – even though they were not close.

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