‘The Brady Bunch’: The Actor Who Played Greg Brady Said His Feelings for Florence Henderson Were ‘More Carnal Than Maternal’

Barry Williams, now 66, Greg Brady, Brady’s eldest son, played for five seasons on ABC Am Brady Bunch from 1969-1974.

The ABC family sitcom was known as a healthy, child-friendly whole show that combined life lessons in graceful vows. But Williams took a different view Am Brady Bunch in the 1992 wholesale memoir The New York Times, Growing up Brady: I ​​was a teenager Greg (written by Chris Kreski).

There have long been rumors that Williams dated Florence Henderson, played by his mother, Carol Brady, behind the scenes. Williams revealed the truth – and lack thereof – behind that rumor in his autobiography.

Barry Williams, Florence Henderson, and Christopher Knight in 2014
Barry Williams, Florence Henderson, and Christopher Knight in 2014 | Gabe Ginsberg / FilmMagic

Williams was under pressure from Henderson from the start

Williams addressed the last rumors of his autobiography with a chapter entitled “Dating Your Mom. “Almost as soon as he was thrown into Greg Brady ‘s role, Williams admitted, he put a lot of pressure on Henderson.

Although many viewers thought of Henderson as “the amazing mother of television,” Williams admitted that he could not believe that more people did not see what a “hot white babe” she was. . He also laughed at his wicked humor, often with a sense of humor, as well as his “sharp, sassy” energy.

From the beginning, Williams was controlled by his TV mother. “Putting a woman like that close to the teenager who is usually sexually driving that poor young man is crazy,” Williams wrote. “At least that’s what happened to me. Almost from day one, my feelings for Florence were more fleshly than mother’s. ”

Barry Williams in 1977
Barry Williams in 1977 | Walt Disney Television through Getty Images Photo Archives

He finally asked her for a date

The Brady Bunch Henderson was starred from their first meeting. Eventually, he worked up the confidence to ask her on a date. He was only 16 years old, and was already a married mother. However, she said “yes” to spending a night on the town with Williams.

While he was surprised to win a date with his long-term crush, Williams was suddenly frightened. After all, he wrote in Growing up Brady, he didn’t even have a driver’s license – just a learner’s permit. The teenager did not know what a formal date would look like.

However, Williams took great pains to prepare for his night with Henderson at the Coconut Grove, a hotspot in Los Angeles. From making doubts to trying different colognes and even buying a new sports coat and tie, he was “all in” when it came to a date with Carol Brady.

The Brady family
The Brady family Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The night went wrong – but Williams still couldn’t believe his luck

When Williams Henderson picked up for their date night, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Florence had reached the lobby and she was looking very beautiful – sexy, sophisticated, and not at all like Carol Brady,” she said. Brady Bunch The actor recalled, saying that he was “deceived by the fact that this amazing creature had allowed him to date with [him]. ”He was more determined than ever to influence her (and not to tell her he was never on a real date).

From there, however, the night brought a series of bad luck. Williams slammed his brother’s car into a wall almost as soon as they started the destination. Later, Henderson had to tell him that he should offer the guest a tip if he wanted to get a proper restaurant table.

However, Henderson allowed her young co-star to give her a quick, innocent kiss (perhaps on the cheek) at the end of their “date. Their long romance may have been little more than a one-sided teen crush, but Williams said he still felt like a “main stud” after his evening with Henderson.

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