‘The Bachelorette’: Some Fans Are Upset Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Did Not Cover Her Nose When She Sneezed

On the latest episode of Am Bachelorette, Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti showed up Haibon to lead a group date. Married couple Tayshia Adams helped identify which of the contestants are “adult” males through a series of contests. While Iaconetti is popular with fans of Bachelor Nation, some fans at Am Bachelorette they were put off when Iaconetti shook without covering her nose and mouth.

Other fans found humor in Haibon’s response to move away and ask Iaconetti to cover her nose.

“It’s so tempting to cover sneezes with my arm, sneezers like this baffle me haha. And Jared’s response made me laugh. We’re all Jared here, ”wrote a Reddit user.

Who does she like for Tayshia Adams on ‘The Bachelorette’

After meeting some of the men on the date of the group and watching the sixth program when it appeared, Iaconetti named some of her favorite contestants on the show. While writing for Cosmopolitan, Iaconetti recounted how Noah Erb stood out for her on the latest show despite being a “program villain”.

“It’s CUTE without that stalemate! And that move he made at the group date after giving him a shake for it was the kind of fun interaction we need! I fully understand that the boys are scared that he got into the date after he jumped in the ring to take Ed’s place away, ”she wrote for Cosmopolitan.

Iaconetti continued, “He should not have been on this group date, but Tayshia invited him. Does this mean he is no longer eligible for the next group date… or a one-on-one date? If a name appears on one of the remaining date cards of the week, Noah will definitely be a ‘weekly villain next week’.

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