‘The Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay Denies Divorce Rumors With Bryan Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo met and took part in Lindsay ‘s season of Am Bachelorette. For Am Bachelor franchise, Lindsay and Abasolo are one of the few success stories and have been married since 2019.

Currently, the two are in a long distance relationship as their careers reside in different states in the US This has led some fans to argue that the two may have been on the separation, but Lindsay was quick to dispel those rumors.

Raonaid Lindsay Bryan Abasolo
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Lisa Lake / Getty Images for SugarHouse Casino

Rachel Lindsay got a new job in Los Angeles

After Lindsay starred Am Bachelorette, she transitioned from her law career to a career with a focus on entertainment. She has hosted a number of ESPN programs and is currently co-hosting two podcasts, Higher Learning and Happy hour Bachelor.

In August 2020, Lindsay announced that she would be joining Additional TV as a journalist in Post Instagram, writing:

“FRIDAY FEELING! I’m really excited to finally share with you guys that I will be working with @extratv as a full-time journalist. They have an established reputation and respect and are stable in the world of entertainment. I was always looking at the fascinating, informative and engaging stories that bring them to life. I look forward to being part of this Emmy winning team. I have brought my voice, knowledge and perspective to one of the best in the industry. I am so grateful. Keep an eye on it !!!! ”

She does not think her relationship with Bryan Abasolo has changed

Now that she works full-time in LA and Abasolo still lives in Miami, the two are in a long-distance relationship. However, Lindsay said Weekly Us she doesn’t think this has changed their relationship that much.

“What people don’t understand is that we were far away before [we got married] with all the travel I did pre-COVID. I didn’t have a place anywhere else, but I was never at home because I was always traveling, ”she said.

Lindsay continued, “And so for us, you know, we know how this works out and navigate, and of course we have an ultimate goal in mind. This is never a situation. ”

Fans believe Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are getting a divorce

When Lindsay got her new job, she decided to let her fans know that her relationship with Abasolo would be for a long time.

“The reason we decided to let people in on that was because there was so much perception about whether we were still together or not. I think that’s because another couple were announcing that they were getting separated, ”she said.

First, Lindsay chose to share this so that fans at Bachelor Nation would not suspect a divorce in the future of the couple. Yet, despite her prominence, she and Abasolo are still against rumors of divorce from fans.

“So people in Bachelor Nation start looking elsewhere to see if, you know, there’s trouble in paradise elsewhere,” Lindsay said. “So we thought, okay, we’ll go ahead and face it. And people still think we’re getting a divorce. ”

The two will not post about their relationship on social media

Compared to some couples who met on shows in Am Bachelor franchise, Lindsay and Abasolo don’t regularly post about each other on social media. In doing so, they keep the relationship as private as possible.

Lindsay told Us Weekly that fans don’t always know when she’s with Abasolo because they don’t record her on social media.

“I don’t want to be social all the time. Who am I doing that to, you? No, that’s not for us, ”she said. “We are trying, therefore, to wake up as long as we can together.”

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