‘The Bachelorette’ Fans Are Convinced Dale Moss Is the 1 Who Broke up With Clare Crawley

After an impressive romance on Am Bachelorette, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have broken up. While Crawley hasn’t commented on the breakup, Moss has let fans know Am Bachelorette know the two are cracking up with an Instagram post on January 19th.

The news comes after days of speculation that Crawley and Moss broke up. On social media, fans speculated about why Moss and Crawley decided to end their relationship, and fans Am Bachelorette they’re sure Moss was the one who broke up with Crawley.

Clare Crawley Dale Moss
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Craig Sjodin / ABC through Getty Images

Dale Moss praised Clare Crawley on ‘The Bachelorette’

On season 16 of Am Bachelorette, Crawley fell over heels for Moss. On November 5, 2020, the final end of the season came at Crawley. In the program, Crawley went on a one-on-one date with Moss and broke up with the remaining contestants the next day.

Moss got a promise ring from jeweler Neil Lane. At the end of the section, Crawley and Moss confirmed their love for each other and praised Moss. Tayshia Adams was then brought forward Am Bachelorette to end the season.

After their time on Am Bachelorette, Crawley and Moss announced their plans to move in together, start having children, and regularly post about each other on social media.

Moss also shared an Instagram post on his Instagram story with his signature.

Fans believe Dale Moss is the one who ended the friendship

On Reddit, fans Am Bachelorette the fact that Crawley and Moss did not release joint reports found to be a cause for concern. Some fans also described Moss’ s breaking revelation as cold, making them think that Moss is the one to call it.

“Since they didn’t release the co-ordination or coordination of SM + posts getting to know their personalities and Dale posting blockbuster stories before this news, I’m assuming that Dale is the one pulled the plug, ”a fan wrote Reddit. “Clare was very upset during her season, but this news from him just feels cold and impersonal. ”

Another fan wrote, “I am not surprised by the break. The cold is about it. The picture without a picture, the cold impersonal man signing on, pretending nothing was up and cheering on his stories. Bach’s breakup is usually at least personally… ”

While some fans think Moss may have been to blame for the breakup, others aren’t sure anyone is wrong.

“Why are we all crazy about Dale? I agree that signing up for an Instagram story is a weird move but other than that, what did it do to deserve to die? I don’t think a villain has to be here…, ”a Reddit user wrote.

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