‘The Bachelorette’: Are Dale Moss and Clare Crawley Married? The Reality Stars Respond to Fans Who Think a Wedding Already Happened

While Crawley and Moss aren’t aiming for a proper marriage this second, Am Bachelorette couple start thinking about their future marriage plans.

“We’re doubling,” Crawley told Lindsay and Kufrin Happy hour Bachelor. “You know how it is with guys. He is not afraid of anything. But I’m like, ‘Here’s my idea of ​​a wedding dress, and this is the date of the wedding I want to get married. ‘And it’s like,’ Okay! ‘ ”

Later, Crawley said she did not like big weddings. Instead, the hairdresser said she wanted to “pop an island to different countries” with Moss and come back to have a “beautiful party” with family and friends. She also blocked Chris and Bri from The Bachelor: Listen to your heart they can give them a “serenade” at the wedding. But no matter what happens when Crawley and Moss tie the knot, the Bachelorette alumni are just excited to share time together now.

“There’s nothing wrong with us planning right now,” Crawley said. “When I come back on the shows, people are like, ‘We’re just excited to do things.’ And honestly, he knows what I want to do. I just want to go to Target together. ”

Moss said, “We have a lot of fun together. The biggest thing we have is that we just want to go out and do the simple things in public. But we just have fun chilling around the house. ”

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