‘The Bachelorette’: A TikTok Fan Thinks Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Are Hinting at a Big Announcement

This season of Am Bachelorette has been unlike any other. Clare Crawley left the mid-season show with Dale Moss. After meeting the 20-percent of her heart-searching men, Crawley had only eyes for one man. With the two quickly falling in love, one fan is convinced that Crawley and Moss are taking the next big step in their relationship.

Dale Moss, Clare Crawley, and Chris Harrison
Dale Moss, Clare Crawley & Chris Harrison | Craig Sjodin / ABC through Getty Images

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss struck off immediately

As soon as Moss released the limo, Old boy Nation knew Crawley’s season was over. Through Crawley’s experience of it Am Bachelorette, fans learned she had some time to get to know the men before the season even started.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Crawley’s season was postponed, leaving her home to see the social media of her potential victims. When Crawley discovered the image of Moss, she knew there was something special about it.

“Dale, in a lot of the [Instagram] Stories, he would talk about his mother and he would talk about his family, ”said Crawley Entertainment tonight.

“He was with his family a lot and that’s something I really enjoy. I just felt on any level, no matter if it was a friendship, no matter if it was a romantic connection, I just felt like that good connection to it. But in the end you don’t know if it’s a romantic connection, because you just see it through social media. ”

Mar Old boy Nation saw, Crawley and Moss also had an obvious romantic connection.

Some ‘Bachelorette’ fans consider Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’s relationship unfamiliar

The other men who were fighting for Crawley’s heart were embarrassed when she only paid attention to Moss. Like those men, many fans were concerned about Crawley ‘s lack of information about Moss. Nonetheless, she didn’t care.

“I knew the Dale in front of my face,” Crawley explained to ET. “Who’s against me, that’s what matters to me.”

She also talked about things that Moss and the other men shared with her that the cameras didn’t have to see. “I’m sure there was a lot of stuff he shared with me, that a lot of people shared with me, that they didn’t share with the other boys,” Crawley said.

Despite what some fans say about Crawley and Moss, there are other fans who think their relationship is #goals. Then here it is TikTok fan who thinks Moss and Crawley are on to the next step – getting kids together.

Is Clare Crawley pregnant?

Crawley and Moss’ relationship has been hyperspeed. On November 14, Moss shared a photo with him Instagram that was Old boy Nation thinks he and Crawley were already married. Now, one fan thinks the couple is expecting a baby.

“We all know that Clare and Dale got involved,” the TikToker began, following:

Clare just posted this picture. We see pumpkins – one, two, three. What if this is to represent Clare, this one is Dale – or vice versa – and this is the baby because when they got involved, Dale posted this picture.

Notice Clare drinking water while drinking champagne? Clare is heavy!

The fan introduced their video with “I have a conspiracy theory,” so this is just an idea at this point. Only time will tell if Moss and Crawley are expecting a baby.

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