‘The Bachelor’: What Is Serena Pitt’s Instagram? Matt James’ Contestant Stands Tall on the Social Media Platform

When Chris Harrison introduced Am Bachelor Season 25 season, the guest promised that Serena Pitt – aka Serena P. – will have a direct connection to Matt James. That said, the competitor didn’t have much screen time. And of course, Bachelor Nation fans are turning to social media to find out more about the 22-year-old public from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So what is Serena P.’s Instagram? The ball food of the scene emphasizes her humor.

Matt James is joined by Serena Pitt from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25

Matt James and Serena Pitt on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Wedding Episode 2 date photoshoot
Matt James and Serena Pitt on ‘The Bachelor’ season 25 | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

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While 28-year-old James was filming Am Bachelor Season 25, it seems certain that Serena P. was not afraid of the 6-year-old age difference. According to her Bachelor Nation profile on the ABC website, Serena P. always believes “no matter how old you are, when you know, you know. ”Then when the couple met on night one, it was clear that age was not even a factor.

In Am Bachelor The first scene of season 25, Serena P. walked out of the limo with a step stool. The contestant said she is 5 feet 2 inches tall, but James is 6 feet 10 inches.

“My name is Serena and I heard you are very loud,” Serena P. said to James with a smile. “I’m only 5’2” so I brought in a little something to help me get on level. “

Then as the night progressed, Bachelor Nation viewers will see a spark between Serena P. and James playing a game of chess together. It also looks like the couple will get into some one-on-one time Am Bachelor Quarter 25 Episode 3.

“Serena P. is exploring whether her initial feelings for Matt could develop into something more dangerous,” said the ABC press release for the Jan program. 18 reading.

Where Bachelor Nation fans can find Serena Pitt on Instagram

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While Bachelor Nation fans learn more about Serena P. on the ABC reality series, viewers can find James’ hunting ball Instagram under the hand @serena_pitt.

A Canadian competitor often posts photos from her daily life and travels. In the last few years, she has traveled to places like Jamaica and Budapest. She’s also straight he graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2019.

Meanwhile, Serena P. ‘s Instagram page is exploded with a bit of humor. Not only is every caption a fun one-line, but the first line of Serena P.’s bio says she’s not related to actress Brad Pitt. Am Bachelor Season 25 the contestant made some jokes about her time on the show. That said, Serena P. didn’t bother as she is doing now that the filming has folded.

Chris Harrison says Serena Pitt will be honest with Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ 2021

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Whether Bachelor Nation fans turn to Serena P.’s feed on Instagram or just go with her time on the ABC reality series, it’s clear she’s one to watch. However, this comes as no surprise to fans who were watching Harrison introduces the throw back in December 2020.

“She may be small, but Serena P. is a force to be reckoned with on the show,” Harrison said at the time. “Great chemistry with Matt. It is obvious from the moment she steps out of the limo. They just have this chemistry. They have this thing. “

The guest also looked at what Bachelor Nation viewers can look forward to.

“The thing to keep an eye on – this is very interesting – she’s always honest,” Harrison said of Serena P. “She always tells everyone, Matt included, where she is. stand, as she feels, what the score is. Now, does Matt hear that? We need to find out. “

Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James on Monday nights on ABC.

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