‘The Bachelor’: Matt James Says He ‘Grew Up’ By the End of His Season

At the beginning Am Bachelor Season 25, Matt James admitted he had never been in love. Now, Bachelor Nation fans are wondering if James ends up finding his happy forever after on the ABC reality series. But with or without a link to the grand final, it seems that the new director still found something valuable before the end of his journey – this is what he said.

Matt James says he never experienced love before ‘The Bachelor’

Star 25 'The Bachelor' Season Matt
Star 25 ‘The Bachelor’ Season Matt James | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

James also shared what has changed since he made a film of his end Am Bachelor. But the 29-year-old fans promised to see the series appear on screen.

“I don’t think it’s a mature thing,” said James. “It’s more than that … I take ownership of those experiences, like being okay with where I am and not getting something that doesn’t have to deal with me, holding me back. ”

He said, “Not to take too much away, but we’ll get into that as the season progresses. You see some things that held me back in relationships, like something positive. ”

Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James on Monday nights on ABC.

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