‘The Bachelor’: Marylynn Sienna Opens Up About the Victoria Larson Drama on Instagram

Seusan Matt James de Am Bachelor just getting started, and Marylynn Sienna is already caught up in the drama. As Chris Harrison warned the audience ahead at first glance, the contestant was drawn in by something “unexpected. So where’s Marylynn from? Am Bachelor Season 25? Here’s everything you need to know, including what the 28-year-old said about the conflict on Instagram.

Who is Marylynn Sienna from Matt James’ ‘The Bachelor’ season?

Marylynn Sienna from 'The Bachelor' Season 25 with Matt James Promo
Marylynn Sienna from ‘The Bachelor’ season Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

In Am Bachelor Season 25 of Episode 3, James Marylynn sent home at the rose party. However, it appears that some photos of the contestant were missing. When Harrison joined the team in December 2020, he opened up about the upcoming arc beyond the drama. And according to the guest, Bachelor Nation fans would see more from Marylynn. However, the story never appeared on display.

“Of course that’s no stranger to tears,” Harrison said of Marylynn. “She is one of the most emotional women we have had this season, perhaps one of the most exciting women we have ever had. [Ashley Iaconetti]I mean, just up there. ”

He continued, “[Marylynn] overcoming a very challenging childhood, actually a story unlike anything we’ve ever heard before, moving, very inspiring. I can’t wait to hear that Bachelor Nation. “

Am Bachelor Season 25 air Monday night on ABC.

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