‘The Bachelor’: Is Sarah Trott Leaving? The Week 3 Promos Indicate Matt James’ Contestant Is Worried About the Future

On 18 January, Am Bachelor Season 25 will finally feature what’s going on with Sarah Trott. In the last episode, the contestant had a one-on-one romantic date with Matt James. She also left before James finished her second rose party. Now, Am Bachelor The Season 25 Episode 3 trailer confirmed that Sarah is doing just fine. Still, the cast ball is likely to be at the center of drama this week. Then a new promo added an appearance that Sarah could be leaving Am Bachelor if she can’t get over James’ roadblock.

What happened to Sarah Trott and Matt James on Season 25 ‘The Bachelor’?

Sarah Trott and Matt James on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Episode 2
Sarah Trott and Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’ | Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

At the same time, Am Bachelor A trailer highlighted the possible deterioration of Sarah’s relationship with James. In an interview with producers, Sarah said, “It felt like a knife through my heart. Then in another snippet, James said, “I don’t want to lose you.”

Now, some Bachelor Nation fans believe the trailer suggested that Sarah would commit suicide. “I feel like Sarah can’t handle being on display and she decides to leave because she can’t stand certain women in the house, aka Victoria [Larson], ”Wrote a fan on Instagram.

Of course, viewers just have to wait to see what happens to Sarah Am Bachelor. But in a promo published by America Good morning on January 18, Sarah explained why she was so worried about her relationship with James.

“I’m just tired,” said Sarah. “It kills me to think that he has those special moments with other women too. I’m just worried that if I can’t get over this, it’s going to be an obstacle in my relationship with Matt. Now, I feel like I should do something about it. ”

Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James on Monday nights on ABC.

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