‘The Bachelor’: How Matt James Feels About Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna’s Feud

Am Bachelor Season 25 of Episode 3 ended the feud between “Queen” Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna. But how did Matt James really feel about the situation between the competitors? Recently, Am Bachelorette Season 13 star Rachel Lindsay revealed what James said about Victoria and Marylynn.

Although James fired Marylynn in the second rose concert, Bachelor Nation fans are still wondering when Victoria will leave. But according to a franchise blogger Reality Steve, the contestant stays on the show for some time.

“She won’t go home until I believe week 4 or 5,” Reality Steve wrote on January 12th.

Of course, ABC has not yet confirmed what will happen Am Bachelor Season 25. So the fandom has to hold on a little longer to find out what happens between Victoria. So keep an eye on it.

Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James on Monday nights on ABC.

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