‘The Bachelor’: How Catherine Giudici Lowe and Sean Lowe Make Their Marriage Work

Catherine Giudici Lowe and Sean Lowe met during Am Bachelor Season 17. They have been married since 2014 and now have three children. Here ‘s what Catherine told us about how she and her husband make their marriage work.

Catherine Giudici Lowe says Sean Lowe is her ‘dream man’

Catherine Giudici Lowe and Sean Lowe  Rick Rowell / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images
Catherine Giudici Lowe and Sean Lowe Rick Rowell / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Catherine will not miss an opportunity to sing Sean’s praises. On her birthday, she gave a sweet compliment to her “dream man”. Here is what she posted on Instagram:

Happy birthday to the one who makes every minute better. @seanloweksu, you are everything to me and I can’t think of going through life with a better partner. Thank you for making me laugh about everything and nothing, for raising our children when they fall, for saying ‘I love you’ every chance you get. You were always my dream man, you are a big hot hunter. Happy birthday my love!

Catherine Giudici Lowe, Instagram

Presently Catherine Giudici Lowe began to fall in love with Sean Lowe

Catherine says she started falling in love with Sean in their first one-on-one date. She explained in Instagram post as their love began to grow. After the date, Sean and Catherine were due to return to their hotels in various cars. However, after Sean asked the reps, they let them ride back together on a condition that they would not talk to each other.

Am Bachelor producers feared that Catherine and Sean might say something important that would not be captured on film. Catherine says they didn’t talk to each other, but held hands and a cuddle. She knew then that Sean was the one for her.

How Catherine and Sean make the marriage work

When Showbiz Cheat Sheet Catherine as she nurtures her marriage, she told us that she feels it is important to give her honor, recognition and affirmation every day. She tries to use every opportunity she gets to make sure Sean feels loved and supported.

“I feel like respecting each other, recognizing each other, and affirming each other as ways to be kind to your partner,” Catherine tells Showbiz’s fake page.

“Sean and I have been together and working together for exactly 8 years,” she continues. “By recognizing each other, even in the worm, like going to the fridge and back, and kissing each other and acknowledging each other, I think that will do. regularly your marriage..

Catherine says that getting to know each other every day is the best way to maintain a strong bond. For them, this is important for a relationship to thrive. “I can’t imagine what it would be like if my husband didn’t really know me during the day, especially now that we’re home all the time now,” she said.

“I think a lot of people just want to be seen, and I think that’s a great way,” Catherine continues. “It’s also important to say ‘thank you’ for things you don’t normally say thank you for. For example, the rubbish or the dishes. Just recognizing the other person for what they are doing for your family or just for your home is an easy way to make sure you respect your partner. ”

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