‘The Bachelor’ Fans React To Kelley Flanagan’s Breakup Post About Peter Weber

On December 31, 2020, Peter Weber announced that he and Kelley Flanagan had broken up. The breakup shocked fans Am Bachelor as Weber and Flanagan recently announced their intention to move to New York City together.

Flanagan did not report the breach for several days. On January 3, 2021, Flanagan released a statement on her Instagram that greeted fans Am Bachelor to discuss what caused the breakup.

Peter Weber Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber Roman Francisco through Getty Images

Peter Weber announced the breach

Weber surprised fans on December 31, 2020 when he announced that his relationship with Flanagan was over. To name the break, Weber posted a photo with Flanagan on his Instagram along with a long title.

“I am here to share Kelley and have decided to go our separate routes. Although our relationship was full of countless beautiful memories, our relationship did not work out in the end, ”Weber continued. Instagram.

He continued, “Kelley is someone I will always have a special love with … Those times in my life always hurt, but I think that shows you it was worth it it’s the time you spent together. Thank you Kelley. ”

After Weber announced the breach, E! News reports that pressure about the couple’s move to New York City meant Weber broke up with Flanagan.

Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram post was received by fans of ‘The Bachelor’

Ever since the breach was announced, fans have been speculating about what happened between Flanagan and Weber. Flanagan’s Instagram appeared to have fueled the fire.

“Hm this doesn’t tell us much or even who turned it off. I believe that moving in together raises a lot of discussion about the future…, ”a Reddit write user.

One follower wrote on Reddit, “I’m so excited that most people accept that he broke up with her / was unwilling to promise! I always felt like she was never as much into it as he was. “

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