‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison Defends Matt James After That ‘Jarring Statement’ in the Trailer

Get ready, everyone. Am Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James is officially on its way, and ABC was kind enough to release an early trailer. As expected, the promo marked all the romance – and drama – to come. But then James confessed that he had never been in love before. So is the new bachelor ready for the way forward? Guest Chris Harrison recently explained why he is so confident in James’ love story.

The Season 25 trailer of ‘The Bachelor’ illuminates the beginning of Matt James ’story

In fact, Bachelor Nation viewers are desperate to see what happens to James in search of love. But for now, all the fans can wait. In an interview with Variety from October 2020, ABC chief executive Rob Mills has revealed that filming is expected to end around the Thanksgiving holiday, with new events kicking off in the new year.

“Whatever the state of the world in January, this will be a great relief from anything that is going on in the world,” Mills said at the time. “Everyone is so happy with this season.”

Then in November, the network confirmed Am Bachelor Season 25 will be released on Monday, January 4, 2020. So get ready.

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