‘The Andy Griffith Show’: This Former President Played a Crucial Role in Spotting Ron Howard’s Talent

He is best known for his unique directing work on films such as Apollo 13, Beautiful mind, and Splash, to name just a few, Ron Howard can always be known as Opie Taylor, the sheriff ‘s son Andy Griffith Exhibition.

To be sure, Howard ‘s work on the classic sitcom set the stage for his future television and film success. In an explicit interview, the Fear Cinderella the director explained that it was a shocking outcry from the U.S. president that gave his young career the much-needed leap.

Ron Howard, center, with Andy Griffith and Frances Bavier
Ron Howard, center, with Andy Griffith and Frances Bavier CBS through Getty Images

Legacy of the Andy Griffith Exhibition

Cast 'The Andy Griffith Show'
CBS ‘Andy Griffith Show’ was cast through Getty Images

Since its inception in 1960, Andy Griffith Exhibition Mayberry came alive and the audience fell in love with the fictional city. In the show are Andy Griffith as the capable Sheriff of Andy Andy, and Ron Howard as his sweet young son Opie, the show featured several characters as healthy as the city.

As stated by his author in his 1981 book, Richard Kelly, Andy Griffith Exhibition, “The town [of Mayberry] he had a special character. At the heart of this character was the pace of the city – and the show. The small talk between Andrew and Barney sitting on the front porch showed a real sense of city life. ”

The president who was captured by little Ronny Howard

In his conversation with the American Television Archive, Ron Howard spoke about his appearance on a television show that caught the attention of an individual. He was on a program called General Electric Theater that Howard remembered that he enjoyed being a part of it.

“My favorite sport was this part I did on a program General Electric Theater. He was a pilot for a TV series. And Ronald Reagan then hosted that show. ”

Actor Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States in 1981
Actor Ronald Reagan who became the 40th President of the USA in 1981 |
Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection

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Unbeknownst to Ron Howard, his small, unbelievable role on the program did not escape the attention of the future U.S. president.

“I guess I didn’t get much credit, but Ronald Reagan had seen the show and in the end, he was just repeating this and he said, ‘Special thanks to little Ronnie Howard who did a fantastic job like Barnaby or something like that, ”he recalled.

Ronald Reagan’s shouting resulted in ‘The Andy Griffith Show’

Howard, thanks to Reagan ‘s thoughtful attention to the children’ s actor ‘s work on the show, opened the door for him to work on the Andy Griffith show.

“And that continued [The Andy Griffith Show producer] Sheldon Leonard to call my representative and say, ‘I’m doing a series with Andy Griffith and we need a son,’ “he said.

Ron Howard had his first look at the classic show on his pilot, which appeared on him Danny Thomas show.

“I don’t remember anything like a laboratory Andy Griffith Exhibition. I just remember doing the first pilot program. This was done in front of an audience and it was the first time I can ever remember being in front of an audience. ”

And this was certainly not Ron Howard’s last visit.

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