‘That ’70s Show’: Why the Show’s Success Made Topher Grace Feel ‘Guilty’

’70s exhibition one of the most famous TV shows of the 1990s and it made millions laugh – but it makes Topher Grace feel guilty. In an interview, Grace talked about why his feelings about the sitcom are more complicated than you might expect. In addition, he highlighted how the show influenced his future career choices.

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Topher Grace | J. Vespa / WireImage

Topher Grace’s mixed feelings about the success of ‘That’ 70s Show ‘

Some films and television programs inspire many careerss. For example, Rocky Horror Photo Exhibition they helped launch Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and Meat Loaf in the stratosphere. Many people became superstitious Saturday Night Live. As well as, ’70s exhibition was the start of famous careers for Grace, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher. In an interview with Leas, Grace said that his feelings about the show ‘s success are not entirely optimistic.

“It simply came to our notice then ’70s exhibition with all these talented people, but also a showcase that did so well for all of us, ‘said Grace. “We have to choose what we wanted to do from there. You need to know that actors don’t often get to do that or that they have some sort of privilege. I always felt guilty about that. I was a boy who had never worked before and so many other actors have spent years reaching where I succeeded. ”

Topher Grace with microphone
Topher Grace | Laura Cavanaugh / FilmMagic

according to Mojo Box Office, Bring me home tonight earning $ 6 million. That’s a paltry take for a Hollywood movie. Apparently, listeners weren’t too interested in seeing Grace in a sitcom-esque film. However, Grace would find cinematic success elsewhere. For example, he was involved in the drama Spike Lee BlacKkKlansman – a film that is very different from ’70s exhibition. Mojo Box Office reports BlacKkKlansman earning more than $ 93 million. Grace likes to take on roles that are different from her own ’70s exhibition – and the public has rewarded him.

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