‘That ’70s Show’: Ashton Kutcher Stole Kelso Role After Playing the Part in 1 Particular Way

It is almost 15 years since then ’70s exhibition we flew in the air and said goodbye to the six teenagers who live in Point Place, Wisconsin. Over the course of his eight seasons, the sitcom of the time was nominated for 16 Emmy Awards, and acclaimed star Ashton Kutcher has won several Teen Choice awards.

While Kutcher is an A-list celebrity today, he never appeared before he appeared ’70s exhibition. And he may be surprised at how he has stepped up his career changing career even his most diehard fans.

Ashton Kutcher was a Calvin Klein model before he started ‘That’ 70s Show ‘

Ashton Kutcher at premiere.
Ashton Kutcher | Paul Zimmerman / WireImage

In the same interview with Rolling Stone, Kutcher explains his theory of why Kelso became so popular with fans. It was all because of how Kutcher rethought the character from the very beginning.

“The key is not to play silly,” Kutcher tells the release. “You can feel for a naive person because it’s not their fault, but you don’t have sympathy for a stupid person.”

So Kutcher followed the idea that Kelso was not stupid, but just naive to the complexities of life. And according to the show’s representatives, that’s how Kutcher stole the post from professional actors earlier in the season.

“He got the job because everyone else was reading the character so silly, but Ashton made it naive,” explained Bonnie Turner, one of the creators ’70s exhibition, in an interview with People iris.

While most of the other listeners for the role went for a flatter picture of the character, Kutcher Kelso’s approach made the character more complex and similar. Moreover, it didn’t hurt that Kutcher’s past experience as a model worked well for Kelso’s good looks and hidden personality. After all, Kelso’s good looks were a big reason to be the linear woman on the show.

“[Kutcher] we all struck out by the way it looked, ”said Turner.

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