‘Terminator 2’: The Real Reason Denzel Washington Refused to Play Miles Dyson

Terminator 2: Judgment Day frequently mentioned in the short list of series that may have evolved from the very beginning. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton returned, with new team members Edward Furlong as the young John Connor and Robert Patrick as the latest T-1000 model finisher. Writer / director James Cameron wanted Denzel Washington in the film, but Washington said no.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington | Allen Berezovsky / Getty Photos

In an interview in 1992 for Calum X., Washington explained why he wanted no part of it Terminator 2, or at least not the part Cameron was offering. Joe Morton got the job of Miles Dyson.

Miles Dyson in ‘Terminator 2’: The Role of Denzel Washington

Terminator 2 building 10 years after 1984 The Terminator, although the sequel came out in 1991. Sarah Connor (Hamilton) promises a mental hospital for her warnings about the Skynet robot apocalypse. Her son, John (Furlong), is living with foster parents when two future retirees arrive.

The T-1000 is there to eliminate John Connor so that he can never force humanity to victory over Skynet in the future. John is protected by a reloaded T-800 (Schwarzenegger) termination machine. When they break Sarah out of hospital, she is not too happy to see the same robot that hunted her in 1984.

Terminator 2
LR: Joe Morton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong | CBS through Getty Images

“Richard Pryor joked that the reason black characters are either killed in movies or not in them at all is because Hollywood doesn’t think they will exist in the future,” Morton told Metro. “Cameron smiled and gave me the part. He knew what I was saying. It was a long sort of, I hate the word, tradition used. In every sci-fi movie I saw there was a black character who was killed early. Or there were no black characters at all. Or the black characters were petty. I think he knew what I was saying immediately, and I think this is what got me working. ”

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