‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham Gives Parenting Advice and Tips on ‘Ending Child Violence’

Seann Mama deugaire star Farrah Abraham has some parenting tips she wants to share. She took time to offer her advice to parents and talk about preventing violence against children.

Farrah Abraham says she is the best person to give parenting tips

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham  Araya Diaz / Getty Images for LA Mashup
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Araya Diaz / Getty Images for LA Mashup

Abraham says she took to YouTube to provide parenting advice as she is “an ambassador for a global foundation for children around the world.” The star of truth says, “It will end the world against violence against children. According to Abraham, she is the best person to deal with this subject because she has gone to healing, and she has worked on herself, so she is “a sign of pandemic. ”

In addition, Abraham says she has often sought parenting advice, so she thought this would be a great opportunity to share her wisdom.

Farrah Abraham says you should focus on what you need

In her video, Abraham mentions many people now want to spend time with their families because of the pandemic. She recommends focusing on your needs if you are in a situation where you are unlikely to find time away from loved ones.

“When you get upset, and you have to spend more time with family than you are used to or want, you have to dig into yourself and take a minute. [to ask yourself] what you need, ”said Abraham. She says a focus on self-care is a “building block” for you as well as your children.

She advises parents to ‘keep cool’

Farrah Abraham |  Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images
Farrah Abraham | Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

“I learned that there are difficult times,” says Abraham. She says that despite any stress you may be going through, it is important to “keep cool” when dealing with your children. “You have to be a great child,” Abraham continues.

She warns parents to pay attention to the pressures they may face and how it affects their interactions with their children. She encourages parents and children to work together, especially during this difficult time in the world.

“I think parents, you ruin your respect, you ruin your love and kindness with your children when you become abusive, when you become violent,” says Abraham in her video. She also says that some parents may not realize that some actions are non-verbal, so she wants them to stop and be more aware of how they behave with their children. .

Find out what works for you and your child

Abraham says that every child is different, so it is important to work with them and try to find the best way to communicate with them. “There is art for everything, there is a learning curve for everything,” says Abraham. “You have to bring it in too [account] what your children’s needs are. One child may be like this, and another child may be like that. “

The previous one Mama deugaire A star also said that parents may fight with their children because they do not show the behavior they expect from their children.

“I don’t have to beat my baby over a test,” Abraham said in her video. “I don’t have to cuss or yell or do anything else over test or homework. The reason is that most parents lose respect from their children and don’t listen, and roll their eyes, and don’t worry about what you say because you’re not responsible. yourself, and you don’t show up as the leader [what] you want from your child. “

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