Taylor Swift Wrote ‘Cardigan’ in 5 Hours and It Originally Had a Completely Different Name

Taylor Swift has always been an avid songwriter and proved her writing ability again with the release of her eighth studio album, folklore. After being quiet for the first few months of quarantine, Swift surprised his fans with the record, forcing them to wait less than 24 hours to hear new music from her. In fact, this is a bit far from the way she put out her records in the past. Swift is also a waterfall egg queen and left a message from her fans about her 7th album, Sweetheart, years before she even mentioned it.

Taylor Swift composes a song from folklore
Taylor Swift | ACMA2020 / Getty Images for ACM

Swift has always used her own life as inspiration for her music and some of the songs going on oral tradition give a clear account of moments in the singer’s life. For example, “my ricochet tears” seems to be a response to Swift’s relationship with Scott Borchetta after he sold his masters to Scooter Braun. However, Swift did not use her life as inspiration for her latest album. All you have to do is listen to “the last great American descendants” to know that some of the songs on the album seem to be coming from outside.

Taylor Swift’s first ‘cardigan’ originally had a different name

But the stories inside folklore that wasn’t the only thing that seemed effortless to Swift when she was making the record. Her collaboration with Aaron Dessner at The National (with which Swift wrote 11 of the 16 songs on it folklore) appears to be very secular as well. In an interview with Vulture, Dessner opened up about the advent of the “cardigan”, the first single on the album.

“I said, ‘Are you interested in a particular type of sound? ‘”Dessner remembered asking Swift. She said, ‘I’m interested in what you do and what you do. Just add anything, literally anything, it could be the weirdest thing you’ve ever done, so I put a pack of stuff I made that I was excited about recently. one of these sketches was a ‘cardigan’; it was originally called ‘Maple.’ ”

Aaron Dessner reflects on a collaboration with Swift

Dessner appeared to be shocked when Swift responded with a full song just five hours after he sent her the file. This movement continued to share ideas in an anonymous way throughout their time working together. folklore. The final product grows into what has been considered one of Swift’s favorite albums in recent years.

“I did [the file] at 9pm, and around 2am or something, there was a ‘cardigan,’ fully written, ”Dessner recalled Swift’s first folklore a song. “That’s when I realized something was wrong. She just wrote right into the heart of the music and wrote an amazing song and she thought about it and then she kept going. ”

‘Cardigan’ acted as a ‘folklore’ roadmap

A “cardigan” became the kind of roadmap that Swift and Dessner mentioned all the time. folklore. “It comes back to the lessons you learned, or experiences in your youth, in a very beautiful way and this nostalgia and sadness, but in the end, it’s cathartic,” Dessner said. “I thought it was a good game for the music, and how her voice feels. It was kind of a guide. It had the lower parts of the album, and I think we both realized that this was a lightning rod for much of the rest of the album. ”

Clearly, Swift and Dessner were able to create some magic together. We can only hope so folklore this will not be the last time these talented musicians will collaborate.

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