Taylor Swift Skipping Karlie Kloss’ Two Weddings Had Nothing to Do With Their Rumored Feud

Marriage is commonly said to bring people together. But with celebrities, things are not always so simple. When Karlie Kloss married Joshua Kushner – yes, the only Kushner family closely related to Trump’s descendants – there was an obvious absence: Taylor Swift.

While the model and musician were once good friends, there has been a controversy between the two who have broken into the famous Swift girl team (many of whom appear in the music video Swift’s “Bad Blood”, such as Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid).

At the time, many fans accepted that Swift did not show up for Kloss’ wedding because of the bad blood between them, but the truth has since been revealed.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss may never get back together

Kloss and Kushner had two wedding receptions. The first was at a very small, “close” concert in New York, he reported Bapersar Harpers, followed by a bigger and more beautiful “high fashion” party in Wyoming where the couples ’famous friends joined them at a“ stormy next party. ”

“Swift was invited every time,” notes Elle. However, the pop star did not appear. Fans read between the lines and accepted that he had to fight Swift with Kloss, but Elle says it all came down to innocent logistics.

For Kloss’ first wedding, Swift was touring Australia, Elle explains. The publication cites Swift’s congratulatory messages to Kloss as evidence.

As for Kloss ’second wedding, Swift was busy focusing on new music. “Swift has been working behind the scenes to prepare for the launch of her next album Lover on August 23,” says Elle, including a music video around the same dates as a concert Kloss’ Wyoming.

Few or not, fans may just need to calm down and let Kloss and Swift shake it off.

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