Taylor Swift on the Profanity in Her Newest Albums: ‘It’s Just Been That Kind of Year’

The year is in full swing, and we are as excited for the New Year as ever. Most of us may not have been very fertile this year when surviving from one day to the next was a top priority. Many businesses went this year and those that were not yet suffered in one way or another. While this was the common pattern for 2020, some people succeeded during quarantine – like Taylor Swift. It seems that nothing can stop that superstition …

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Taylor Swift surprised us all in 2020

While many of us were building a wall in quarantine solos, Taylor Swift was busy tapping her creativity non-stop. Our first surprise came in July when Swift announced her new album, Oral tradition, falling in just 16 hours, as reported by NPR.

Swift regularly releases new albums every few years, so this release just 11 months after its last album was a big surprise for fans. Putting off many of her planned events left the singer plenty of time on her hands.

When December went around, many of us were still listening to (and really enjoying) Oral tradition repeated. So imagine everyone’s shock when the singer put down another amazing album. Evermore released on December 11, just five months later Oral tradition, According to Elle.

Evermore “sister album” to Oral tradition. Swift says when they finished Oral tradition, it just didn’t feel perfect. She described her poetry very well, saying “it feels like we were standing on the edge of the folklore forest and we had a choice: turn and return or travel further into the forest of this music. We chose to walk deeper. ”

How do ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ differ from her usual records?

Taylor Swift ‘s 2020 sound is quite different from her last few pop albums, and fans are overjoyed. Both Oral tradition and Evermore welcomes away from the over-the-top pop tours that seem to be written just to please the big ones.

The records have a raw, honest appeal, with catchy lyrics and mediocre music that seem to come straight from Swift’s soul. Even the cover of the table boasts a rustic, comfortable feel, with subtle colors, misty woods and warm flannel.

Swift’s old albums were done perfectly, where the latest two episodes look grittier which shows us a more vulnerable side of the singer. As well as the difference in the sound of the songs, we have also seen a big change in the lyrics. While her previous albums are relatively clean in terms of clear lyrics, the new ones have a number of distinctive songs.

Oral tradition Swift’s debut album was “special” label sports, according to Mashable. Evermore step by step, with several songs in which there are abilities. Why the sudden change? Well, she is an adult now and can speak whatever language she sees fit to convey her message. Also, it is 2020. Let’s face it – we’ve all been using a lot more perks this year.

Did she continue to put down amazing records?

Music artists don’t usually release amazing albums. There is usually a large “roll out” process, where the album is marketed for months before it is released. A single release is a one-off, merchandise sells, and it all drums to a level of excitement that is expected to inspire record sales.

This standard method of releasing records may be imminent. If we take a look at incredible success Oral tradition and Forever, it proves that it does not matter what issue is making it up through that distribution process. Record sales of both albums made some of the most successful of the year. Swift also recorded and recorded at No. 1 this year.

While none of us know for sure if the singer will continue to drop amazing recordings on us like this, we hope so. It seems to have given Swift an advantage, and the surprises were a lot of fun in a less fun year. The best talented musician put it off when, according to NPR, she said: “The times we live in remind me that nothing is certain. My gut tells me that if you do something you love, you should send it out to the world. ”

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