Taylor Swift ‘Leaned Into Sadness’ When Making This Album

From Taylor Swift to oral tradition, Taylor Swift has more than proven that she has enough scope to sustain a career in the long run. In the 14-year period, Swift has released eight studio albums with themes and even genres. The “mad woman” singer began her career as a country artist, but achieved even more success when she moved to pop. With her latest album, Swift started into a new genre of indie people.

folklorist Taylor Swift
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Swift has been honest about not having a single set formula for songwriting. The artist’s inspiration comes from a bevy of different stores and outlets. However, she tends to consider a topic for her records. For example, see Swift Red as her breakup record while Sweetheart exploring a ton of different love interactions. oral tradition, on the other hand, is Swift ‘s favorite album and was made with the intention of comforting fans.

Taylor Swift wanted to evoke special emotions when she made ‘oral tradition’

Swift surprised fans with oral tradition in July of 2020 amid a global pandemic. In conversation with Paul McCartney for Rolling Stone, Swift revealed that she wanted to make a record to help people in such a scary and uncertain time. “Everywhere you turn there is so much pressure that I wanted to make a record that felt a bit like a hug, or like your favorite sweater that makes you feel like you are to put it on. ”

But part of what makes Swift such a talent is her ability to think about things from certain angles. Instead of making a happy record to try to elevate fans, she continued to blackmail for oral tradition. Swift decided that sadness can be comfortable too and she was really trying to explore that and take advantage of it while making her eighth studio album.

The sad ‘cardigan’ singer followed for many of the songs on the album

“Like a good cardigan, a good, worn cardigan,” Swift began as she wished oral tradition to feel. “Or something that reminds you of your childhood. I think sadness can be comforting. It can be hard and tedious, too, but I was so trying to feel a sadness that feels like swirling in a less intimidating way – like nostalgia and whimsy incorporated into a feeling like you’re not okay. Because I don’t think anyone felt like they were ahead this year. Loneliness can escape your imagination in a nice way. ”

Swift seems to have achieved what she did. Although she released her album in the middle of Summer, oral tradition a record firmly Fall. There’s a beautiful sadness about it that makes fans want to settle down with a big sweater and a cup of hot tea. In fact, many Swifties have shared that they will forever associate quarantine with it oral tradition. Swift definitely created oral tradition for a particular moment in time and we’re interested to see how fans connect with it when the world returns to a level of normalcy.

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