Taylor Swift Confirms She and Paul McCartney Have 1 Thing in Common

Taylor Swift is done again. In less than five months, she has released not one, but two albums. She has celebrated her 31st birthday, conducted countless interviews, and is still finding time for her loyal fans.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Swift talked about her interest in music, and how she never gets tired of it. This is what drives it, and keeps it going even when things look gloomy. Swift doesn’t even mind singing at parties for friends after being on stage for hours.

Taylor Swift plays acoustic guitar on stage
Taylor Swift sings at concert | Kevin Mazur / TAS / Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift has a 31st turnout

For anyone who watched Swift grow up, it may come as a surprise to us that she recently turned 31. December 13th is her birthday, which Kimmel was quick to say was a number it is unfortunate.

Swift didn’t seem bothered by the hump, and joked that her lucky number was 13, so it’s not that bad.

Of course, she was looking forward to this birthday, because 31 13 is back. She said, “Yes, so until I turn 113 or 131, this is the best thing in my life.”

Did Taylor Swift release Easter eggs for a third record?

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Swift is famous for laying Easter eggs years in advance for new songs and albums that are coming out. That is not easy. Keeping in mind what you want to do and planning to do so far is not something that many have the potential to do, especially for someone who is as busy as Swift is dangerous.

But she constantly tries to take it off, and fans make a game of trying to figure out what she’s going to do next based on the clues she’ll be making. releasing them.

In her interview with Kimmel, he said that he thinks he knows what she is going to do next. Kimmel, as well as many of her fans, think Swift is going to release a third album called timber.

When he dropped this idea, Swift was visibly shocked. He surprised her more when he pointed out if you move into the cover of the folklore, in the top right hand corner, there is a very weak picture of the word ‘woodvale.’

Swift was quick to send out this rumor and said that this was an issue that took her Easter egg game too long. She did not want to release the real name of the group folklore, so she used the name timber like a kind of red herring so she could keep everything as secret as she could.

Swift went on to explain that she forgot to remove the fake title before she released the album. She made sure not to make this mistake again when she mocked for a cover of it forever.

While this may seem valid, why would the word be so weak if it was going to be a joke? Fans are still hoping for a third album of course, and this is just Swift ‘s way to throw everyone off.

Big star who never gets tired of singing

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One of the things discussed in the interview was that Swift and Paul McCartney were not worried that they had been asked to sing at parties. Earlier this year, Swift and McCartney interviewed each other for Rolling Stone. In that interview, the two artists discussed the fact that it is not difficult for them to sing for parties, even though they sing all the time.

Given her stature on stage, some may think Swift is sick of it. That is not the case, however.

Kimmel said, “It doesn’t matter if you are asked to play music at parties.” Swift replied with, “Yeah, we like it. It’s weird, it’s like we like music. ”

Swift then admitted that she does not like it when asked to make carton wheels, because she cannot do it. Kimmel said he can’t make cartwheels either, and the two tied up because they’re just ashamed.

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