Taylor Swift and ‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten Share the Same Pet Peeve

Taylor Swift and Ina Garten are friends who share more than just a love of cooking – they usually have a pet peeve. Find out what Swift and Garten said bothers them when it comes to food.

Taylor Swift at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2020
Taylor Swift | Hayward / GC Mat Pictures

Garten and Swift share a common pet peeve

Given that both women enjoy cooking for friends and family, it’s no surprise that they are both embarrassed when people don’t like to eat.

Garten and Swift teamed up in 2014 for the July / August Music Magazine of Food Network Magazine to cook and exchange stories. Swift traveled to the Hamptons with her mother Andrea and brother Austin and everyone had a great time.

They were greeted with bread and coffee with a warm date and Garten and Swift made a Pavlova mustard roast and dessert recipe.

The time they spent together allowed them to chat and talk about how they don’t like each other when people don’t want to eat. “I cook for those boys, and they’ll be like, ‘I’m on a diet,'” Swift told the magazine (via E!). “I’m like, ‘I can’t hang out with you. ‘”

Garten agreed with the superstar, sharing details of a dinner guest who said she had cleaned up. However, the guest drank whiskey juice – and asked for another.

A conversation about a cock quickly erupted an hour after Swift said, “Oh, I’ve never had a sour whiskey. ”

The Barefoot Contessa came to the rescue as her drink happened to be ready in her refrigerator. Swift invited her family members to partake in a drink a day before they all dug into the desert.

Ina Garten gushed about Taylor Swift

Garten is a Swift superfan and she clearly embraces the singer, as can be seen in a 2020 interview with Katie Couric in which the chef had nothing but shiny things to say about Swift.

Garten answered fan questions, with one wonder if she had listened to Swift’s latest album.

“Of course it is. I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift, ”Garten replied. “Isn’t she incredible? She is so, so cunning and the amazing thing about her is she keeps her own advice. She knows exactly what she wants to do, her mum is her manager, and I’m sure she’ll get ideas and work with a lot of people but she knows for sure … she’s coming to conclude. ”

“I’m sure a million people will have to try to take her off her game or make her do something else and she knows exactly what she wants to do,” Garten continued. “And that’s why it comes out the way it is. ”

Garten even took her team to one of Swift’s shows. She explained how something said by the singer at the concert surprised her.

“She said, ‘You know, we’re all confused about what has been said about us on the internet but the truth is, what we’ve told ourselves about it is worse for us,'” Garten remembered.

“And I thought, ‘Wow. ‘I’m not a teenage girl, but I really got it,’ she continued. “I thought it was such a wise thing to say, examine ourselves, stop saying these things to ourselves because it’s destructive. ”

“How she got so smart, I don’t know, but she really is,” Garten said.

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