‘Tales From the Hood 3’ Movie Review: Reapshow

Stories from the hood has proven to be far more consistent than other terrifying anthology series. Creepshow, VHS and ABCs of Death sections change wildly. In Stories from the hood 3, appearing October 17 at 9pm on Syfy, tells four hilarious new stories that all deal with issues relevant to the Black community, with terribly different side effects as well.

Sage Arrindell and Tony Todd 1440 Universal Entertainment

William (Tony Todd) and his daughter Brooklyn (Sage Arrindell) escape in the woods. She tells him stories while they wait for the coast to clear. He’s no longer a funeral director, but Brooklyn still delivers stories all the same.

‘Tales From the Hood 3’ begins with a subtle story

In the first new story, a shooter fires down an apartment killing the Black family inside. The landlord (London Brown) continues to receive phone calls with the sound of the child’s kicking ball, and an apparition appears in front of him.

Stories from the Hood 3 Bradfords
London Brown | 1440 Universal Entertainment

Chela collaborates with Miles Park (Jaime M. Callica) to poison and kill Ms. Benoit’s blood. Once she comes to an evil decision, Chela has dreams and visions, creepy occult type scenes and personal nightmares.

The last ‘Tale from the Hood’

The Punch and Run Bandit (Patrick Abellard) steals the wrong pair of goldsmiths. The shoes stick to him so he can’t take them off. Non-slip shoes can make life very difficult for a criminal in the most horrific, horrific event of it Stories from the hood 3.

It’s good that writer / director Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott have created an awesome franchise for every Black story, but perhaps their greatest success is even wider. Every man Stories from the hood story centers were around criminals teaching a karmic lesson. That makes every story satisfying and ultimately positive, no matter how horrible and brutal it may get.

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