Sydney Sweeney Shared That Her Nude Scenes in ‘Euphoria’ Made Her Feel Less Self-Conscious

Ged Euphoria Featuring a vibrant ensemble team, Sydney Sweeney is without a doubt one of the biggest stars to feature. The actress seems to be announcing her every week as a member in a film, or upcoming series and is adding to her impressive resume. In addition, the Everything sucks an alum recently started her own production company to gain more control over her busy career.

Sydney Euphoria star Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney | Hanna Lassen / Getty Images

Considering how good Euphoria received in his first season, it’s hard to believe that any actor had doubts about coming into the show. However, Sweeney was not one hundred percent sure she was going to play Cassie Howard when she first won the part. In an interview with MTV, the actress indicated that she had other offers to accompany various shows and was deciding whether or not to take them Euphoria.

Sydney Sweeney was somewhat delayed in joining the ‘Euphoria’ team due to his seriousness

One thing that added to Sweeney ‘s questioning is whether she would join the team Euphoria it was the nudity that the show needed. Fans of the show will remember that several characters are shown half-naked or nude at some point in the show and Sweeney’s character is an exception. But, in the end, the Sharp things alum felt the nudity was genuine rather than made for shocking value or entertainment reasons and decided to accept the role.

“There was a bit of, ‘Ooh, I don’t know if I’m going to do this because of the nudity,'” Sweeney admitted of her initial doubts Euphoria. “But then I sat back, and I was like, ‘If I were a 17-year-old girl and I was having sex with my boyfriend, I would be naked. ‘And it’s a real sight. It is not covered in sugar. It’s not glamourized, it’s not covered up, and I was like that, that’s the show. It’s true, and I really wanted to do justice to that fact, and also, it’s not about the nudity. It’s more about the situation she’s in, and the show never highlighted the brutality there, which I think was very important. ”

The alum ‘Sharp Objects’ shared how the nude scenes changed her

While Sweeney was uneasy about that Euphoria in which nude scenes were, she felt good about her decision to make them after the fact. In fact, the actress shared that doing the scenes allowed her to gain confidence. Announcing that she has always been self-conscious, the nude scenes allowed her to get into different feelings about herself.

“I’ve been a self-conscious person, and after filming those scenes, in a way, I was like, I feel empowered,” Sweeney said of filming what was announced. . Euphoria scenes in the nude. “I feel like no one can judge me. As I just said, I put myself out there, and I feel so confident. ”

Why Sweeney’s character ‘Euphoria’ stands out

Clearly, Sweeney made the right decision for her. Not only that Euphoria fans and critics got really good, but fans seem to really appreciate the character of the actor. Where it’s not like the popular stereotypical blonde trope (a la Serena van der Woodsen or Alison DiLaurentis), Sweeney’s Cassie has a depth that is often missing from teenage dramatists.

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