‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Looks Back on What Made the Winchester Brothers Last 15 Years

Supernatural coming to an end, but before the end of the series, the whole team is looking back on their amazing 15 – year run. Supernatural: The long road home air Thursday, November 19 at 8pm on the CW. The special one includes Jensen Ackles memorabilia of the series. The series ends at 9:00.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles | Bettina Strauss / An CW

Showbiz Cheat Sheet got an early look Home of the Long Road. In the recording, Ackles starts at the beginning for the Winchester brothers and shares his thoughts on what he did Supernatural Last 15 seasons.

Jensen Ackles says monsters weren’t ‘Supernatural’ stars

Listeners can include tunes Supernatural to see what kind of monsters Eric Kripke’s creators had for them. They stayed because of Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Supernatural: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
LR :: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles as Dean and Kelsey Crane | Bettina Strauss / An CW

“From the car to the cities we pass through to the diet of these people, to the clothes they wear, it all creates this world and it creates this image, this American backing story of these two brothers who are against all oddities, ”Ackles said.

Jensen Ackles at the end of ‘Supernatural’

Of course, this particular thing leads up to the Supernatural series end. Ackles tried to process what it means to them.

This journey has been a long one for him and for me, and for many people here. It is emotional. People are really starting to feel it. I’m starting to feel. You do nothing for a long time, you feel that way when it ends. It has been an honor for a lifetime. I have had experiences that I will never forget. It will always be a part of me. I don’t think I’ll say goodbye to Dean Winschester because he’s been with me the rest of my life. So that is that. It’s hard to put into words because we really liked it. We love these characters and we love the story and we love the people with whom we tell the story.

Jensen Ackles, Supernatural: Home of the Long Road, 11/19/2020

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